Spoiler Alert! The Amazing Spider-Man Post Credit Scene…

Alright fanboys, it’s SPOILER time again. This round we’ve got our rotten little mits on a leaked description of The Amazing Spider-Man post credit scene (or ‘after credit scene’, for our Latin challenged brethren), so if you want to leave UTF with your Spidey chastity in tow, turn back!

Now that my obligatory warning is out of the way…

A Dutch film site has posted their official review of TASM, and they’ve revealed the contents of Sony’s very Marvel-esque bookend. Here’s their description:

Certainly stay in the building for after the credits you get a piece of film where we are with the dark side of Irrfan Khan. Speculations have been doing the rounds for a while that he would be the Green Goblin in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) but nothing is yet confirmed.

So, assuming all of this is true… Since Irrfan Khan’s character isn’t gifted with the surname of ‘Osborn‘, I very much doubt that he’ll play that glider riding fiend. BUT… he can certainly portray an offshoot of that famous villain. The Hobgoblin, perhaps? Or maybe the oft rumored Proto-Goblin.

What do you guys think?