Southern Bastards #7

Southern Bastards #7 Review

Southern Bastards #7

What new can we learn from Coach Boss’ past? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

As a kid, Euless Boss had football in his blood. But all football ever did for him was make him bleed. Until the day he met a strange man who would change his life and the fate of Craw County forever.

SouthernBastards07_Page1We’ve certainly learned a lot about Coach Boss over these last few issues, with Gridiron showing us how a small boy called Euless came to fall in love with the game of football. This itself is however only a fraction of the actual tale, with the obstacles placed in front of Euless, and his determination to overcome them, allowing what was once an extremely hateable character to become somewhat likeable.

Jason Aaron may be blowing my mind with Marvel‘s Star Wars, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to return to his hard hitting, gritty creator owned series. Having given us an epic first arc, that ended in sorrow, spinning the current arc into something truly memorable, Aaron certainly leaves us something to think about. The way that he continues to build the character of Coach Boss, showing that there’s more to this megalomaniac than just vengeance, is truly commendable, with the twist in perspective adding great depth.

The other Jason, Jason Latour also continues to amaze, with his gritty artwork as ever being the perfect match to Aaron’s script. Managing to capture the emotion and depth of the characters, whilst at the same time retaining the rustic, rundown look that has come to define Craw County, Latour certainly shows diverseness, with the dramatic tone being fascinating. His distinguishing colours also continue to resonate throughout this tale, with the deep oranges giving a gritty tone to this flashback tale.

Southern Bastards #7 may not be one of the more exciting entries in this amazing series, but the rich character development showing a different side to Coach Boss.

  • + The two Jason's continue to create a truly gritty tale.
  • + Coach Boss is sent through even more hoops.
  • + Emotional twists and turns.
  • - A little placide compared to prior issues.

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