Solar: Man of the Atom #9 Review


What will happen now that Erica is back on Earth? And what new threats will come in her path? Read on to find out. The official description from Dynamite:

Earth! It’s pretty cool. There’s cable, and other stuff. But now that Erica’s been all around the universe and discovered that she can do pretty much anything…the transition back to normal life has been kinda challenging. Luckily she’s got distractions, like her ghost-dad bugging her about galactic math, her brother trying to screw her out of her inheritance…and villains trying to take over the world. It’s enough to make a girl want to adopt 30 or so dogs and cats. Check out a brand new arc of Solar!

Solar09CovBSubLauErica has been on one hell of an adventure, as between fighting aliens both on Earth, and in space, she’s quickly learned what it’s like to be a Solar. That being said, the thought of returning to a normal life must have been stifling within her head, and now this has finally happened, she’s got a bit of explaining to do. However, in traditional Solar fashion, she isn’t given much time to do so, as with a new arc comes a new mystery, as well as new foes. Frank Barbiere always manages to grab my interest, as though his own creations prove more captivating, the way that he fashions classic characters into an unique world also astounds. This has certainly proven to be the case with Solar, as though Erica has been a much more intriguing character than her father, Phil, every issue has managed to entertain. That remains true with this new arc, as though the quick attempt to bring new readers up to speed felt a little jarring, the fluid dialogue, and exciting developments certainly made up. The artwork on Solar also hasn’t failed to impress, as though different artists have brought different styles, the energy has remained the same since the opening issue. That being said, some artists have appealed more than others, with Jonathan Lau‘s work being radiant as ever. Joined by Roberto Castro, the creative flair behind these visuals builds an enthralling tempo, as whether it’s emotional dialogue, or fast paced action, it always captivates. The colours of Omi Remalante Jr. also add a vivid tone to events, with the mixture of dark and soft tones, giving great depth. Solar: Man of the Atom #9 is the perfect jumping on point for new fans, as though the initial background sequence may seem a little jarring, the action and energy certainly makes up. There is also an amazing Golden Key appearance near the end that will leave fans returning for more.

  • + Energetic developments.
  • + Mesmerizing art.
  • + Phenomenal cliffhanger.
  • - Opening sequence felt too rushed.

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