Smallville Spin Off in the Works

Following the disappointing end of CW‘s long-running Smallville series, it seems like the network wants to delve even further into DC comics superhero lore. This time, they’ve set their eyes on the bow & arrow wielding Oliver Queen, known to the world as the Green Arrow.

While this news might delight the hordes of DC fanboys that the CW has cultivated over the past few years, let’s not forget that this is the same network who’s promised us other such superhero series. Remember how interested they were in Raven and Deadman last year? And we’ve yet to see those shows, so who knows how long Green Arrow will take to hit the air.

Admittedly, dear old Oliver Queen has a better chance at getting the ‘green-light’ (haha, get it?) because he was one of the original superheroes to be featured in Smallville…which is, of course, the archetypal DC show that the CW is trying to emulate.

What’d you guys think? Will we finally see this Smallville spin off ? Would you rather see a direct sequel? Sound off in the comments below.

While we’re talking about Smallville, you should check out our resident Contrarian Fanboy as he debunks rumors regarding the fabled Metropolis series here.  But don’t let that article sour your day, apparently the show will continue on in novel form for an 11th season.

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  • Dane Ingham


  • Dane Ingham

    After 10 disappointing and often embarrassing seasons, peppered with a few great moments, the series finale of Smallville was actually pretty good. Within the context of the show’s lower standards. It pretty much did what the finale for that show should do. I don’t give a crap about Batman-derived Green Arrow much though.

  • Rhode

    Dont mislead people and get them over excited for nothing about smallville novel, its all just rumours, its not confirmed news. So mention that.

    • Steve Lemlek

      Sorry if you got worked up man, but this is more than a rumor. They said there’s an actual concept in the works and that they’d very much like to pursue it. So when the writer says that they’re considering producing an 11th season in novel form…that’s a pretty damn good indication.