Shatner Hits Back In Star Wars vs Star Trek Feud

If you can’t remember, George Takei was the most recent entrant in the Star Wars vs Star Trek feud that ballooned at the end of the summer. While Carrie Fisher has yet to respond, it seems that William Shatner has taken the time to post a video. Admittedly, it’s not as vicious or impressive as his previous ones, but it still counts in this war of words!!!

Now you know what I mean…it’s not really that impressive of a response, but it’s a response nonetheless. It looks like the long-standing Takei vs¬†Shatner feud might have been rekindled, standing side by side the Shatner vs Fisher one. ¬†Before this gets anymore confusing, someone needs to clearly define the battle lines. There’s only so much a single fanboy mind can take.

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