Congratulations, You Chased Shailene Woodley Away From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Shailenne Woodley Spiderman

I never truly understood the level of hatred the fanboy community unleashed when Shailene Woodley was announced as the next Mary Jane Watson in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. All at once a hive mind of pimple faced man-children screamed “She’s not hot enough! MJ is a model! Let’s get someone else!

And not to sound like a flower toting hippie, “Hey man, everyone’s beautiful”, but Shailene Woodley’s a knockout. She’s a hottie patottie, and the ridiculous amount of venomous barbs cast her way was a bunch of nonsense.

As we know, Shailene Woodley’s scenes were initially cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 late in 2013. Everyone involved claimed she was cut because her small side plot with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker slowed the pace of the flick, but I can’t help but think that the Woodley backlash had something to do with it. Still, that left the door open for a possible return in any number of future Spider-Man films, ranging from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 to SINISTER SIX.

BUT… Woodley’s just revealed that she probably won’t return to the role. The actress stated:

“Andrew kills it. I don’t know anything, but seeing as how they picked up the next two Divergent films, I don’t know how I’d keep my sanity with two big action films in one year. But, anything can happen, so…”

But I wanted you in the role! I suppose I’ll settle for Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Amber Heard.

shailene woodley spider-man 2

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  • The1

    ‘Shailene Woodley’s a knockout’ – No, she’s not. She’s a good looking girl but is she better looking than Emma Stone? MJ is meant to be ridiculously out of Peters league. They made the right choice dumping her from the flick,

    • TheGoddamnBader

      And who are you to judge?

      • The1

        Ah of course, the internet troll who appears so he can question an oppinion….

        who are you to judge? zing….

  • Hmmmm

    Pretty girl? Yes… Total Knockout? Nope

  • Jason H

    They should cast Holland roden. She looks more the part and she has a great sense of timing and vocal inflection with her acting, where as Shailene is more “flat” in her delivery.

  • Guest

    Please, she’s ugly, fat and has a big nose.