Once again, there’s another comic book role mystery on out hands. Scoot McNairy will reunite with his Argo co-star and director Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Originally reported by Deadline, Warner Bros. would not confirm or tell them what his role is. Hmmm, keeping more secrets, Warner Bros?


This isn’t new for the film. When Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto and Callan Mulvey were first announced, their roles were kept secret as well. Since then, Hunter has been revealed to be playing a U.S. senator, and Okamoto is rumored to be playing Mercy Graves. As for McNairy, the possibilities are endless. He could be anything from a military officer to a reporter at The Daily Planet to an employee at LexCorp to a hot dog vendor that Superman befriends at some point. That’s the thing, we just don’t know!

However, the fun route that fanlike to go down is wondering if he’ll be playing an established comic book character. Let’s look at some of the possibilities. On the villain front, two likely candidates are Parasite and Metallo. Although Metallo would be cool to see, Kryptonite hasn’t been introduced yet in the films, so unless they plan on showing Lex Luthor discovering the Kryptonian rock, that could be a problem. Parasite’s a better bet. All you need is a generic lab accident at LexCorp, and big bang boom, you have a super villain craving Superman’s energy, and I’m not talking about his charisma.


As for heroes, let’s not forget that this movie is a Justice League prologue (whether you like it or not), and if Nikke Finke’s scoop is correct, we’ll be getting cameos from many of the Leaguers. With Cavill, Affleck and Gadot as leading characters, Ray Fisher cameoing as Victor Stone and Jason Momoa rumored to be playing Aquaman, there’s only two possibilities left: Flash and Green Lantern. We may be getting a cinematic Flash separate from the TV series, and Hal Jordan may be getting recast. Again, there’s a lot of possibilities.

Sorry guys, we already have two superheroes fighting each other.

Sorry guys, we already have two superheroes fighting each other.

I’m going to go ahead and knock one idea that’s been spreading around social media like crazy: Nightwing. Really, guys? Nightwing? McNairy is 36, only five years younger than Affleck. If they were going to cast the former Boy Wonder, I think they’d be smart enough to cast someone way younger than the Batfleck.

Grayson's got to be in his early-mid 20s at most!

Grayson’s got to be in his early-mid 20s at most!

SOURCE: Deadline