SANDMAN SLIM – Best Anti-Hero You Have Never Heard Of or You Can Thank Me Later


In honor of Halloween, I would like to introduce you to Sandman Slim and Richard KadreySandman  is the brainchild of Kadrey, a freelance write residing in San Francisco, California.  Now, if you don’t like sharp, well written prose, intriguing characters, wonderful world-building and a dark sense of humor than stay away from the Sandman Slim Series.  These books read like a freight train on speed and every moment is wonderful and irreverent; I wish I could re-discover these novels for the first time.  After you finish reading them you will be thanking me profusely (I do accept gifts fellow fan-folk).


In the first of the five novels in the Sandman Slim series (aptly named Sandman Slim), we are introduce to James Stark, a young man who just spent 11 years in Hell; alive.  He is back for revenge on the people who sent him there and killed his lover.  Thus is Sandman Slim introduced to us; the monster who kills monsters.  From then on the narrative (told through Stark’s point of view) takes off and never stops through book 5, Kill City Blues.  Stark is a great narrator and being in his head is a roller coaster with no seat belts; insults to angels, drinking with Lucifer and trading with God is just some of the fun you get to experience.  Kadrey’s series takes place mainly in Los Angeles (and sometimes Hell and other dimensions) and his knowledge of the city shines through in his writing.  The pop culture and music references are (fanboy scream) awesome, to boot.  There is nothing not to like about this series except that there are only 5 books so far.  So if you like detective novels combined with urban fantasy and written sharply and intelligently go buy or Kindle these books tonight.  Then when you want to thank me I will give you my address. 

sandman4All five books are available on Kindle and, as far as I know, as long as you don’t live in Siberia you should be able to find these books in any bookstore worth the title.  For more info on Mr. Richard Kadrey (who is a very cool and interesting cat) check out his website here.  Go start reading fangirls and fanboys.  Can’t wait to hear what you think….

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