Prometheus: Fire and Stone – Omega (One-Shot) Review

Will the grand finale of Fire and Stone excite? Or will it ruin what was already a fragile crossover? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Angela and her fellow survivors are stranded on LV-223, but their mission is not over yet. The answer to their quest could be hidden deep underground, but the strangest nightmare of all stands in their way.

Prometheus Fire and Stone Omega previewFire and Stone finally comes to an end, and given the inconsistencies within this four series crossover, I can’t help but feel that this may be for the best. Taking place several months after the events of Predator: Fire and Stone #4, our group are still stranded on LV-223. Finding it harder to find food, and stay alive, the crew quickly start arguing with one another, with the re-emergence of the Galgo’s Predator friend, and Elden adding more tension to an already combustible group.

Bitch Planet and Captain Marvel writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick handles the script for this over-sized one-shot finale. Delivering a dramatically charged plot, DeConnick follows on from the other writer’s work brilliantly, bringing this splintered tale together once more. Creating some wonderful character emotion, she also manages to capture the struggle and desperation within the crew fabulously, with the conflicting opinions that Elden causes adding brilliant tempo. Despite this, I couldn’t help but feel that this tale was for nothing, as though we got some strong, symbolic developments, it in no way felt like the grand finale we deserved.

Having produced some marvellous covers for several different companies, as well as magnificent painted art on the second half of Captain America: Living Legend, I was ecstatic to see Agustin Alessio‘s name attached to this title. Once again astounding, his phenomenal art resonates beauty, as between his detailed line work, and stunning painted colours, it adds great depth to this tale. He also manages to generate some wonderful energy throughout, with the layouts being both dramatic and exciting.

Prometheus: Fire and Stone – Omega may not be the fitting ending that this crossover deserved, but nonetheless it still managed to impress. Having wonderful character depth, this tale proved thoroughly gripping, with the tempo being gripping throughout.┬áDespite this, I can only recommend this title to people who have been following this crossover, as though it’s readable for others, they may not get the point that it makes.

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