Princess Leia #2 Review

Is the force strong in this series? Or should you keep your money for the other Star Wars series’? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

When Princess Leia Organa was captured by the Empire as a Rebel spy, she never betrayed her convictions, even in the face of the complete destruction of her home world, Alderaan. When her rescue came, she grabbed a blaster and joined the fight, escaping back to the Rebel Alliance and helping strike the biggest blow against the Empire—the destruction of the Death Star. But in the aftermath of that victory, the question remains…what is a princess without a world? Writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, S.H.I.E.L.D.) and artist Terry Dodson (Avengers & X-Men: Axis, Uncanny X-Men) bring us a story of Leia’s quest to help her people and find her place in the galaxy.

Princess Leia #2 variantDespite being an awesome comic, Princess Leia #1 was easily, in this fanboy’s opinion, the weak link in Marvel‘s main Star Wars line. That being said, it was more than enough to keep this Star Wars fan intrigued, with Leia’s personal mission of finding all the living Alderaanians showing a lot of promise. This notion follows into the second issue of this five-part mini, and along with the glimpses into Leia’s childhood, and symbolic minor additions, it allowed for an interesting read.

Mark Waid has done a fantastic job of bringing Leia into her own series, as though the character is more dynamic alongside Han or Luke, this unique insight has certainly drawn my attention. The thing that captivates most about Waid’s tale is ironically the thing that hinders it the most, and that’s it’s originality. Yes, originality is a key basis on which any comic will succeed, and something that’s to be commended, but the way that this retracts from the normal Star Wars style also proves slightly off putting. Nevertheless, the final product still amazes, with Leia and Evaan’s antics being thoroughly entertaining.

The artwork that Terry Dodson has created over these first two issues has been nothing short of sensational, as having originally felt discomfort from the initial preview images, I’m ecstatic that these thoughts have been proved wrong. Delivering a dynamic series of events, that capture the tempo and passion within this tale, Dodson more than lives up to the expectation that fans demand, with the symbolic touches also being amazing. The inks of Rachel Dodson, and colours from Jordie Bellaire also help bring a warm tone to this story, with the vibrant palette of the latter giving a smooth finish to Dodson’s work.

Princess Leia continues to be a wonderful addition to the Star Wars canon, as though it’s not quite as captivating as the other two series (Star Wars and Darth Vader), it still brings joy to this fanboy. The wonderful character depth and interaction also makes it a series worth following, with the plot also continuing to entice.

  • + Symbolic moments.
  • + Wonderful look into Leia's childhood.
  • + Brilliant character interaction.
  • - Not as thrilling as I expected.

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