Practical Effects Gone Wild? Harrison Ford Out of STAR WARS EPISODE 7 for 8 Weeks.

Poor, poor Harrison Ford. Last week we first heard that our dear Han Solo was injured on set of Star Wars Episode 7. Apparently the 71 year old thespian was wandering the halls of the Millenium Falcon and a hydraulic door smashed/crashed/bashed into his foot. Rumors have run wild that Ford broke his pelvis or slipped a disk, but we now know it’s still only his ankle, but it’s pretty bad. He’ll need 8 weeks of recuperation, which suggests he’ll still partake in the Episode 7 shoot, but perhaps not in the same buccaneering way.

I always expected Harrison Ford to hop scotch across the galaxy with a handful of the net generation, while his estranged wife Princess Leia hangs out on Coruscant with the remnant relics of the Rebellion leadership. An ankle injury is some pretty heavy stuff, so I wonder if director J. J. Abrams will rewrite Harrison Ford’s role to reflect a freshly crippled Han Solo.


I suppose George Lucas had the right idea in the Prequels. Every neckbearded, Cheetos guzzling fanboy derided our grand Star Wars deity for relying too heavily on CGI, but maybe he was just saving his cast? George Lucas KNEW that practical effects would harm our favorite stars. He sacrificed the quality of his Prequel Trilogies to protect Hollywood’s most esteemed thespians. So, I guess the final question is… did our demand for practical effects nearly kill Harrison Ford?

I think it did. Bring back the CGI! Bring back the green screens! If only to save the rest of the Original Trilogy cast from the same fate as Ford.


Yeah, screw it, Practical Effects are still better. A broken ankle or two are an acceptable sacrifice for a fun, practical Star Wars Episode 7.

Suck it up Harrison Ford.

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