PETTY FANBOY GRIPE: Are You Tired of Stan Lee’s Cameos?

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LeeSpideyBlackBandeau PETTY FANBOY GRIPE: Are You Tired of Stan Lees Cameos?Blasphemy? Sacrilege?

Yes, I know Stan Lee is the much beloved “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” in the Holy Trinity of Fandom, but I’ve still gotta ask… are you tired of his Marvel movie cameos?

I was sitting at my computer desk the other day, with one hand half buried in a bowl of milk-less Trix and the other comfortably tucked beneath my Spidey themed boxers (as gentlemen are wont to do), when I wandered across a pretty interesting forum topic.

Apparently, not everyone loves Stan “The Man” Lee’s onscreen antics.  In fact, there’s a pretty vociferous population that downright hate them, and in all honesty, I can understand why.

Everytime that bubbly son of a gun makes an appearance, you can’t help but be ripped from the “life or death” cadence of these flicks.  Sure, it’s a wink and nod to the more indoctrinated masses, and I sure as hell enjoy them, but its still a fourth-wall breaking addition.

Every cameo screams…

“HEY! HEY!  I’m Stan Lee!  How’d I manage to sneak into this movie?  Where will I show up next?”

Imagine, if you will,  George Lucas popped up in the newer Star Wars flicks.  Ignoring their inherently vast shittiness, Lucas’s triple chinned mug would have probably made them substantially worse… as impossible as that sounds.

Creators, well… they create. That’s just what they do.  They build ficitional worlds, filled to the brim with unique and captivating characters.   From gold gilded space kingdoms to a modern Narcissus in a flying tank suit, Lee has sculpted an entire universe of beings that could populate these new films.  Why can’t we just revere him and his creations separately, instead of mashing them together?

I certainly enjoy the cameos and I cherish Stan Lee for all he’s done, but to the lovers of strict cohesive story telling, they’re a bit of an annoyance.

What do you think?  Still love these little winks to the fans?  Or is it passed its “cute” date?

I know Wolvie still pops an adamantium chub whenever he sees him!

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  •Øyvind-Braaten/713626216 Øyvind Braaten

    I love Stan Lee’s cameos. And I was very disapointed when he wasen’t in the “X-men first class” movie.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      I enjoy them as well. But they do kinda slap you in the face with a “this is just a comic book movie” reminder

      •Øyvind-Braaten/713626216 Øyvind Braaten

        It’s not just a comic book movie. It is A comic book movie. (skip the “just”). I love comic books, and I love comic book movies.

        • Fats Mclemlich

          Oh lawd a grammar nazi. Seriously, why is everyone pointing out “just” nowadays. Pretty sure it can be tossed around whenever you want to add emphasis, even though it’s an adverb… i think

  • Porkchop

    fun fact: George Lucas actually DID have a brief cameo in SW Ep III when Anakin goes to the opera house, right before he enters Palpatine’s private box. Lucas is the blue faced man in burgundy with the crazy hat.

    • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece


    • Fats Mclemlich

      DAYUM. I had no idea.

    • grant landis

      Maybe, it would be more fun, if Stan Lee were more subtle. Like the “Easter Eggs” that show up in any entertainment forum with computer graphics.

  • Davi Lancett

    The Amazing Spiderman cameo was the best yet I think.

    • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

      was just about to say its the worst. didnt fit in with the scene, he looked foolish and it wasnt believible

      • Fats Mclemlich

        I actually loved TASM cameo. It was pretty awesome. I think the Spidey 2 (or 3) cameo was the worst. The one where he gives Spidey the random street advice

      • Davi Lancett

        For anyone who knows who Stan Lee is, the second you see him in a film it immediately takes you out of the experience. You know he isn’t a character. Knowing that effect, you might as well have some fun with it, like in TASM.

  • Jean199999

    I will never get tired of seeing him…EVER.

  • greven

    He IS the man behind all of these amazing stories. For me he can have 2 cameos in each movie.

  • pablouk

    We are not worthy to say his name, All bow down and pay homage.
    I for one will never tire of looking out for him in any Marvel film.

  • Dewey Cox

    It’s not like he’s giving himself a minor character part in these films, that would be overdoing it. He’s got maybe 5-10 seconds on screen in a 90-120+ minute plus movie. Perhaps you’re being unreasonable.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      For sure. I personally like his cameos, but I can understand why people would be annoyed by them. They take you out of the narrative for a split second.

  • Haggard

    I think it would be great if Jack Kirby got a cameo and Stan Lee’s name was in the credits.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      I would too… but isn’t Jack Kirby dead?

  • sumthngdifaz

    Why don’t you just stop watching all these movies then? How about you go back to writing about nothing and keep your mouth shut? He made all these characters, I say let him do whatever he wants.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      You sir… you are so mean.

    • Bryan J. Shipley

      He didn’t make Captain America, so why was he in that one?

      • Luna Loren

        He was executive producer.

  • Gabriella Santanna

    What?! Why would anyone hate it? He DESERVES it, and it’s not like it’s affecting the movie or anything.

  • Lennie

    I am far more bothered by Obamas occasional cameos as president

  • Paco

    I love to see him, every time !!

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    just watched iron man 1+2 and i like him being confused for someone else, those are the better ones imo

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Definitely, though the recent Spidey one is awesome

  • DougK

    I’d feel cheated if Stan Lee ever _didn’t_ appear in a Marvel film.

  • Bryan J. Shipley

    For me, they run the gamut from hilarious (Amazing Spider-Man) to slightly annoying (Fantastic Four 2). The only one that REALLY bugged me was in Captain America. I know everyone seems to forget this fact, but he had absolutely no role in creating Cap. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were Cap’s creators. When I saw him show up in the movie, I felt as though he were trying to claim credit for that one too. Especially since he tends to avoid cameos in movies that obviously aren’t his creations (Wolverine). So yeah, that one bugged me a lot.

  • Leonid Saykin

    well I get it he is the big shot in comic books, but I think he should stop to be a poser in every comic book movie

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