Sometimes you have to prove your worthiness to get the trust and abilities of a group and our heroes are finding themselves in that predicament. Will they gain trust or fail? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! To prove themselves to the Pathfinder Society, Valeros the fighter and his companions must recount tales of their early exploits in a world beset by magic and evil. In this issue, Valeros crosses swords with the brazen barbarian Amiri when both serve as hired guards escorting a doomed caravan through the treacherous Bloodsworn Vale. Sword and sorcery thrills from Pathfinder publisher Erik Mona (Pathfinder: Goblins!) and art from rising star Tom Garcia (Mercy Thompson)! Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!

Layout 1Well a new series in the Pathfinder has started and now we get some origins behind some the characters we are used to. This is all about origins of characters to show their merit to join the Pathfinder society. This one focuses on characters that are showing their merit by exploiting a terrible idol. There is some really interesting moments and does make an argument of why these characters deserve to be trusted. It is very interesting and I feel that there is a character that will come back to this world that looks like they have been lost.

Erik Mona is a great writer and this is an interesting look at these characters. Valeros really does help make a case and it is done swiftly and carefully. The only problem that I have is that the story isn’t super exciting. It has some moments but it did drag a little.

Tom Garcia shows that he can create a wonderful world that is full of detail and excitement. He does amazing stuff in this issue.

Pathfinder: Origins #1 is pretty good but drags in some points.

  • + A neat look at a hero's past
  • + Visually fun
  • + The premise is really cool
  • - The story drags a little

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