PACIFIC RIM Gets Second Chance With Sequel, ANIMATED SERIES!

Do you remember Pacific Rim? Well, if you visit this site, you probably do! But ask the average person this question, and most might shrug or shake their heads. Despite being released in theaters less than a year ago, the film has already been forgotten by most, despite good reviews and a decent worldwide box office run, and many fans had assumed we wouldn’t get a sequel.

Those fans will be happy to have been proven wring, though! Last night, director Guillermo del Toro posted a video where he confirmed the sequel’s development, and that Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi would probably reprise their roles. You can watch the video here.


Pacific Rim 2 has a date of April 7, 2017, and unlike the first film, the sequel will be distributed by Universal. Del Toro (Hellboy) will direct again, and Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk) is writing an early draft.

Besides this obviously cool news, (especially if you want some non Transformers robot movies) we also have the out-of-left-field news that Pacific Rim will be receiving an animated cartoon. Details are scarce at the moment, but the cartoon would be released before the film.

Finally, the Pacific Rim prequel comic will be continuing as a regular series, which means that even if the film and cartoon fail, the comic could still be ongoing!

Second chances for sci-fi films that fail to make it big are rare, so to all you fans…pay money, buy the merchandise, tell your friends! Watch the sequel twice in theaters if you have too! Show Universal they made the right move!


Source: CBM