New ARROW Photos Give First Look At Nyssa al Ghul


While Slade Wilson and Sebastian Blood have been revealed as the main bad guys for season 2 of Arrow, fans of the show will remember that we’ve gotten glimpses of other villainous threats lurking around the corner. One of those threats is the League of Assassins, lead by the infamous Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s has yet to be revealed, but on February 5, his daughter Nyssa al Ghul will stop by Starling City to retrieve Sara Lance and bring her back to the League. IGN has released photos giving us our first look at Nyssa in the upcoming episode “Heir to the Demon.” Take a look below.




For those who need a refresher course, Laurel’s sister Sara was revealed to be alive early this season and fighting crime as the Black Canary. We also learned that she’d spent time on the island, and while those events still haven’t been fully revealed, eventually she escaped and trained under the League of Assassins. After years of service, she realized how evil the League was and escaped. The League eventually tracked Sara down in Starling City, but her, Oliver and her father Quentin were able to repel the attack, although she left Starling City so she wouldn’t endanger Laurel and Sara.

I’m liking the slow reveal of the League in the show, both through Malcolm Merlyn’s past and the emissaries Ra’s sends to Starling City. I’m not sure why Nyssa was chosen over Talia, but maybe Talia will also be introduced at some point. As for Nyssa, I’m liking her look and hopefully they’ll keep her around for more than one episode.

It’s a shame that these press releases on future episodes are spoiling closer episodes. On Monday we learned that Sara would be appearing in an episode with Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a the Huntress, so we know that Nyssa won’t be successful in bringing Sara back to Ra’s. Still, I’m an Arrow fan, so it’s not like I’m going to skip Nyssa’s episode. That would just be geek stupidity!