Late yesterday night the news that Patty Jenkins would no longer be directing a Thor sequel leaked onto the Internet. Since then, we’ve all been wondering why? Was it creative differences? Was it a financial one? We probably won’t know for some time to come, but our major concern is…who’ll take over?

Marvel Studios has a great history of hiring the best directors for each of their properties. Their roster reads like a who’s who of Hollywood’s trending stars: Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, Louis Leterrier, Joe Johnston, and Joss Whedon just to name a few. The addition of Patty Jenkins, best known for her Academy Award winning film Monster, seemed like a natural progression of their strategy.

Branagh started the franchise brilliantly with a comedic, but still epic, faithful interpretation of ol’ goldilocks. But now that the difficult origin story is out of the way, Marvel will want to darken their tale in order to get some true gravitas from a sequel. As readers of the Thor comics, we all know that he’s a bit of a heavy-hearted character and he deserves a film that portrays him as such. So now that Jenkins is out, who will Marvel chose as I replacement.

I know that he’s previously been non-committed, but I feel like Branagh could pop up as a possible candidate. Now that Marvel’s in a pinch, they’re willing to pay more to secure a director if they have any hope of making their 2013 deadline. But if Branagh is too proud to return, I hope Marvel considers a darker director, perhaps someone like Duncan Jones or Ridley Scott. Both of these candidates would be great, however unlikely they may be.

What do you guys think? Who should take over the reins? Sound off in the comments below.

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