New Poster For THE FLASH Is Chock Full Of DC Easter Eggs

We’re barely a month away until the premiere of CW’s The Flash, and the promotions for the new DC Comics adaptation show no signs of slowing down. Their newest piece of advertising is a promotional poster with the tagline “Discover what makes a hero,” showing protagonist Barry Allen speeding through Central City, and it looks amazing! Check it out.


Now, if you’re not too familiar with comic book lore, you might not think much of this poster. Sure it’s stylized and Flash’s running pattern forms a lightning bolt, but that’s it, right? Wrong! Much like the classic I Spy¬†children’s books, comic book fans have already broke out their magnifying glasses (or just used the zoom function on whatever device they’re using) and spotted hidden DC teases and goodies interspersed throughout Central City. Don’t feel like discovering them for yourself? No problem, I’ve got you covered.

Many of the Easter Eggs come from companies/organizations we’ve already see or heard mentioned. First off, there’s Queen Consolidated in the right corner, of course referring to Oliver Queen’s company in Arrow…or rather his former company. Up closer on the right hand side is a S.T.A.R. Labs building, which of course will play an important role in The Flash. On the left side near the middle is a Kord Industries building. That company has been mentioned several times on Arrow, and hopefully we’ll eventually see Ted Kord stop by Arrow or The Flash. Finally, near the bottom right corner, there’s a Big Belly Burger, a popular fast food joint that Team Arrow frequents. I’m guessing Team Flash will do the same.

Now, here are the trickier ones. Right at the bottom corner, “Grodd Lives” is written on the pavement, further confirming that the gorilla villain will play some role on the show. Hmm, was he considered dead at one point? Near the left top side is a company called Amertek. I wasn’t familiar with them, but one quick Wikipedia search showed that they are the military industrial firm where John Henry Irons worked. You probably know him better as the hammer-wielding Steel. Could this mean we’ll see the armored superhero at some point in the series?


Finally, there’s a building across the street from Queen Consolidated whose logo is hard to make out. I had no ideas on what it might be, so I looked around, and MTV seems to think that is a lower case ‘g,’ implying that it’s a GothCorp building. In the comics, GothCorp is the company that Victor Fries worked at before he became Mr. Freeze. What do you think? Will Mr. Freeze visit Central City at some point? Doubtful considering he’ll be spending his time in Gotham, but hey, that doesn’t mean another certain cold villain couldn’t work there (‘cough’ ‘cough’ Captain Cold).

Did you spot any Easter Eggs that I happened to miss? Let us know in the comments!

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    Building on the left – Kord Enterprises – Blue Beetle?