Sweet Fanboy Jesus, this is a good day to be a Marvel geek. The House of Ideas has released their first official picture of Steve Rogers in his newest garb from CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE WINTER SOLDIER, and it doesn’t suck! In fact, I’d say it’s a contender for the best onscreen superhero suit Marvel’s produced (ignoring all of Iron Man’s armors, of course). Check it out below:

One of my biggest gripes with Joss Whedon’s THE AVENGERS¬†was the ridiculous (and very TV quality) appearance of the characters’ costumes, and no one suffered worse from this than Chris Evans in Cap’s red, white, & blue threads. Somehow, that particular adaptation was cheesier than even the comic book version, which is a difficult feat to accomplish.

But the Russo Brothers (who’ll be directing this flick) have already started on a great path, selecting the Director of SHIELD version of Cap’s suit instead of the corny alternatives for Winter Soldier.

Here’s an awesome fan manipulated piece of artwork, using last year’s suit as the template.


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  • Marcell Williams

    looks more like a mix of the avengers suit and the first avenger suit, which is a good thing

  • Charles Jannuzi

    Don’t really the body armor looks to all the superhero costumes now.

  • nabroc

    I was not a fan of this design in the comics and I’m not a fan now. I personally love the stars and stripes look even though the avengers costume could have been better

  • Joe

    This picture is full of Photoshop. Look at that shield.

    • Tim

      Yeah you idiot is says its fan manipulated.

      • Joe

        Oooh sorry didn’t see that -__-