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NATHAN FILLION Joins Marvel Universe in a HUGE Way

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UPDATE: Sad to say, director James Gunn has debunked the folks at Latino Review.  Nathan Fillion might be in the movie, but LR’s assertion that he could play Nova is not true.  Still, given the rate of false denials by Marvel Studios, Latino might still be right.

Today is the day, fellow fanboys! Nathan Fillion, our golden Captain of Firefly fame, has finally joined Marvel Studios in a big BIG way.

Obvious spoilers below.

According to a mighty internet sleuth, Nathan Fillion will play Richard Rider in this summer’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. That’s right. After he was skeeted out of the Green Lantern gig (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he shouldn’t have been Hal Jordan) Nathan Fillion has a proper marquee role.

He’ll supposedly have a teeny tiny role in Guardians, but this will almost certainly lead to bigger and better things. If he doesn’t appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, then he’ll surely appear in some other cosmic movie. I imagine an Annihilation themed flick with intersecting Cosmic heroes. Minus Silver Surfer, of course, since he belongs to Fox Studios.

With DC’s own Justice League movie releasing in 2017, Marvel’s upping the ante. Nova’s obviously inspired by the Green Lantern Corp, so by introducing a fan favorite like Fillion as the lead so much sooner than WB’s rebooted Hal Jordan, Marvel claims influence over the whole ‘outer space superhero cops’ genre. After all, the fickle world of general movie goers only have room in their heart’s for one interstellar detective, and supposing Marvel Studios delivers a compelling Fillion Nova, they’ll easily claim masses.

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Source: LR

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  • act_on_love

    If the man has helmet hair, it will be Epic Helmet Hair.

  • Janette Mendoza

    hmmmm This website needs a less sexist name…. :/

    Anyways…. Can’t wait!!!! 😀 Love my Captain!

    • Melwing

      It could be argued that you’re the one being sexist, Janette. 😉

      • Steven Cowright

        agreed, people need to not let their insecurity issues ruin everything for everyone else… it’s just a name, chill, try not to get offended at everything

      • pictor

        It could be…but it would be wrong. It is a sexist name, and it’s not sexist to point that out.

    • Tara Conley

      love this site and love the name

    • Zeph

      Yeahh… I’m a woman and sometimes I say that I’m fanboying over something. So there’s that

    • Unleash The Fanboy

      We actually have a feminist site that we’re trying to grow. Unleash The Fangirl. Would love to have more female leaders help lead that site. Check out the Write For Us page

      • Chad W

        Separate but Equal, that always works! lol. But really, fanboy/fangirl, there’s really nothing to get your panties (boxers?) ruffled about.

        • Unleash The Fanboy

          We frankly do have a ton of feminist content on here if you care to read. The idea for Fangirl was to make an exclusively female oriented site, since so many few safe zones exist

          • Guest

            Then that isn’t feminist; Feminism is not about separation.

    • The_Eternal_Dalek

      “Fanboy” does have a very specific definition, and it isn’t simply a male fan. Same with “fangirl”. Both are very extreme stereotypes that worryingly enough do exist.

  • satellitemojo

    I love Nathan, but he’s too old for Rich Rider . . .

    • Zarathos No Daimaōh

      nah he’s perfect , but he needs to lose weight

    • Kel Nuttall

      Nah! You have to think, they’ll have the youthful Nova when they finally work Sam Alexander into the cinematic universe so why not give us the Richard Rider some of us grew up with but make him older. We don’t need a big origin story, Fillion would just pull us right into it all. Make him the experience veteran Nova. Low key badass Malcom Reynolds mixed with charming smartass Richard Castle = a pretty fun Richard Rider. And as far as his weight goes, it does’t look like Novas in the cinematic universe wear spandex, so, yeah, maybe firm up a bit but he could still totally pull it off as-is.

      • bitter_trekkie

        Sam Alexander and Richard Rider are redundant. Remember, these movies are for the general audience, so you have to assume the audience has never heard of either character. There’s really only a need for one Nova, and he’ll be in his mid-20s for maximum usability in future movies before he gets old and crotchety like Robert Downey Jr and bows out.

    • serenityq2

      i know right? he could be sam’s father he was a nova or some other character but i get what they are doing. get him for marvel’s corps before dc wises up and gets him for theirs

  • Brian Rawls

    Nathan Fillion is a fan favorite, but agree with satellitemojo, he is incredibly too old for anything other than a side role. I doubt there will be a Nova movie anytime soon unless it’s focused on Sam Alexander.

    • Roberto Huerta

      He’s younger than Robert Downey Jr.

    • ieyke

      He just needs to hit the gym.

    • bitter_trekkie

      He’s too old for a character like Nova, that Disney is going to want to build into a franchise character, preferably for many years to come. Plus isn’t Fillion still busy with Castle? It’ll be a cameo as “Mal Reynolds,” just walking by in the background in a long brown coat, that will be fun, no need to over think this.

  • Daxx Maximum

    My money is still on Fillion being Adam Warlock…

    • Bradley J. Timm

      Adam Warlock is quintessential to the infinity gauntlet story – but it will make me sad there is no Surfer.

      • Daxx Maximum

        Well one of the biggest reasons I say Warlock is the Coccoon at the end of Thor: The Dark World. If we’re going to eventually get to the Infinity Gauntlet, that thing will be hatching sometime during the GOTG.

        • Patrick_Gerard

          Problem is… Warlock debuted in Fantastic Four and, at the very least, this may be a Quicksilver situation. At worst., Fox may have full rights.

          • Melwing

            Nope- Marvel Studios indeed has the rights to Warlock, not Fox. :) Thankfully. (edit: I should correct- I actually don’t know if it’s a ‘Quicksilver situation’ like you put it, but Marvel Studios definitely has the rights)

    • Daxx Maximum

      And here’s a confirmation that it’s not Richard Ryder as Nova.

  • Michael Hendrick

    I love Nathan Fillion, but have you seen Castle lately? Dude’s gonna have to hit the gym. He’s gotten super doughy

  • panthersquad

    He better hit the gym. He’s been looking pretty chunky in the last few years.

    • Torquil Dewar

      He’s got time. But you’re right.

  • Dan

    What about having Nova in a Defenders series?

    • bitter_trekkie

      Nova will be a spinoff from Guardians. Who knows when Defenders will get a movie.

    • Daxx Maximum

      Defenders could be easily done with Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Namor. Surfer came in later, which is convenient that Marvel doesn’t have the rights for it yet.

  • TheWhiteSheep

    I really, really, really doubt the accuracy of this story. Not doubting UTF In general, I just think that like most they’ve been swept up in what has been openly stated (by the source article itself) as unconfirmed.

    • None

      James Gunn recently tweeted: “The rumors of my pal @NathanFillion playing Nova in #guardiansofthegalaxy have been greatly (and entirely) exaggerated. Sorry, humans.”

      There you have it, kids.

  • Sunfire

    “According to a mighty internet sleuth…” Consider putting something out there with a reliable source.

  • R.A

    James Gunn has said this isn’t so.

  • bitter_trekkie

    Fillion is too old, and even if the character was written to be in his 40s, Disney would insist on someone half that age because they obviously want their own Luke Skywalker/Captain Kirk to build movies around. My money is on Zac Efron, since this is the only big budget Marvel movie role on the horizon that suits him and Disney seems determined to shoehorn their box office boy in somewhere.

  • Douglas Young

    Fillion has said in multiple interviews that he has no interest in working in the Marvel Universe due to time requirements and filming obligations. I highly doubt this is true.

  • Jason

    This isnt even true

  • swordcrossrocket

    Not really sure Nova is any sort of draw. To be honest, I think they need to release the GotG movie and then wait for a bit to gauge reaction. We’re at a point where Marvel fatigue and the moviefication of that universe is something to be concerned about. Take some time and see how Guardians does, then think about future space Marvel movies.

  • Annonymous

    “James Gunn

    ✔ @JamesGunnFollow

    The rumors of my pal @NathanFillion playing Nova in #guardiansofthegalaxy have been greatly (and entirely) exaggerated. Sorry, humans.

    10:57 AM – 21 Jun 2014″