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NATHAN FILLION Joins Marvel Universe in a HUGE Way

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Today is the day, fellow fanboys! Nathan Fillion, our golden Captain of Firefly fame, has finally joined Marvel Studios in a big BIG way.

Obvious spoilers below.

According to a mighty internet sleuth, Nathan Fillion will play Richard Rider in this summer’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. That’s right. After he was skeeted out of the Green Lantern gig (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he shouldn’t have been Hal Jordan) Nathan Fillion has a proper marquee role.

He’ll supposedly have a teeny tiny role in Guardians, but this will almost certainly lead to bigger and better things. If he doesn’t appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, then he’ll surely appear in some other cosmic movie. I imagine an Annihilation themed flick with intersecting Cosmic heroes. Minus Silver Surfer, of course, since he belongs to Fox Studios.

With DC’s own Justice League movie releasing in 2017, Marvel’s upping the ante. Nova’s obviously inspired by the Green Lantern Corp, so by introducing a fan favorite like Fillion as the lead so much sooner than WB’s rebooted Hal Jordan, Marvel claims influence over the whole ‘outer space superhero cops’ genre. After all, the fickle world of general movie goers only have room in their heart’s for one interstellar detective, and supposing Marvel Studios delivers a compelling Fillion Nova, they’ll easily claim masses.

 NATHAN FILLION Joins Marvel Universe in a HUGE Way

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