Is NAMOR Finally Getting His Own Flick in 2016?

Remember when Fox dropped the ball on the Daredevil movie property and the rights reverted to Marvel Studios?  What idiots.  Luckily, Universal Pictures are hopefully being smarter than Fox.  Universal owns the rights to Namor the Submariner, and it looks like he finally may get his own flick on November 4th, 2016. 

This is just a rumor at this stage, but I’m praying it is true.  Here is what we know: Universal Pictures has reserved Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 for an “Untitled 2016 Event Project” that is that is co-financed with Legendary Pictures.  Latino Review states that “it is said to be a film that is new and not a sequel or remake, though it may be based on underlying intellectual property.”  When Latino Review reached out to Legendary Pictures for a comment, all they got back was “NO COMMENT.”  Hmmmmmmmm.namor

Please, please, please let this be true.  Namor is one of the most Bad@$$ characters in comics.  While the Avengers shoot arrows and throw shields, this dude controls the freakin’ oceans!  Screw the X-Men; Namor is the first mutant, or “miracle,” or whatever the movie studios want to call them.   He is the original anti-hero; when he was first created in the 40’s, most superheroes were squeaky clean do-gooders, but not Namor- he was a pissed off dude that would kill ten humans if you dared hurt one innocent sea creatureAnd he is so damn sexy.  Normally it is only the female characters wearing ridiculously skimpy and unrealistic costumes but Namor will destroy you while looking super-fine in a speedo.

Could this be the role that Zac Effron was rumored to be looking at?  Could I have the “Stick To The Status Quo” song from High School Musical suddenly stuck in my head?  Although I cannot confirm the Namor movie for sure, I can confirm that I will definitely be singing teenybopper Disney songs for the remainder of the night.

Jay Deitcher is a writer and licensed social worker from Albany, NY. He is currently taking MFA courses at the College of St. Rose. You can read his other work at