My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ‘Magic Duel’ Review


This week’s episode of Friendship is Magic was the most anticipated one since the premiere. Why? Well for starters, it features the return of fan favorite ‘the Great and Powerful’ Trixie. This unicorn first appeared way back in the Season One episode Boast Busters. She’s basically the complete opposite of Twilight. Whereas the latter is humble and puts others first, Trixie is stuck-up and thinks she’s better than everyone else. She was a good character, and two seasons later, she’s back. With last week’s episode being not about the Mane 6 at all, this Twilight-centered episode was welcome. It ended up being one of the best yet.

Here’s the official episode description from The Hub:

“The ‘great and powerful’ Trixie returns to Ponyville, this time as a force to be reckoned with, and defeats Twilight in a magic duel that banishes her from town.”

It had a pretty cool beginning, starting out with Trixie concealed in a cowl running around in a village. Eventually she runs into a dark shop looking for something. The shop owner comes down and asks what she’s looking for. She points to an amulet within a clear container. It’s a dark necklace called the ‘Alicorn Amulet.’ At first he wasn’t going to give it to her since it was too dangerous, but after she put down a bag full of coins, he says, “Would you like that gift wrapped?” (I did chuckle at that.) Then we get one of the most cool still images as we see Trixie’s evil smile through the glass as she holds the jar. Yes, this is an adventure/action episode, with the best parts being the dialogue between Twilight and Trixie. In Ponyville we see Twilight getting ready for Princess Celestia’s return from Saddle Arabia. (I love the clever names in this show.) Fluttershy getting defensive over Twilight using her animals for magic is just priceless. In fact, here’s the exact quote. “Anything happens to them, Twilight, so help me…” Fluttershy also does get a new spy costume from Rarity when she (grudgingly) goes out to find Twilight in the Everfree Forest. This being Twilight-centered, the rest of the Mane 6 are more toward the side, but they do get some pretty funny character moments. Obviously the best one is when Pinkie Pie tells Trixie, “You’re lucky a rock farm would take the likes of you!” Then Trixie shoots a magic blast, taking away Pinkie’s mouth! So for the rest of the episode, she doesn’t talk. (Some really priceless stuff.)

The part everyone was looking forward to was the duel between Twilight and Trixie. I personally was expecting more of a direct battle, but what we got was still fun. Basically it’s Trixie does a magic spell and whether or not Twilight can do something similar. Due to the Amulet’s powers, she beats Twilight, and the price is her getting banished from Ponyville. But instead of sulking, her words are “It’s okay guys, I’ll figure something out. Just look out for each other. And keep an eye on Trixie…there’s something strange about her…” and then she goes off. Now the episode is divided between seeing Ponyville becoming Trixie-ville (I really wonder what would have happened if Princess Celestia would have arrived then) Twilight getting magic training from Zecora, and the Mane 6 making a plot to find Twilight. Zecora is one of the most interesting characters in the series, I feel personally she’s underused. In this episode we see her training Twilight all the while talking like a poet. (All of a sudden she’s the Yoda of the series.) I’m not sure I quite liked how scared Fluttershy was to get to the Everfree Forest. I think by now, two seasons later, the thought of getting to Twilight should be good enough. Regarding Trixie, she makes for a very good antagonist and polar opposite to Twilight. I like how she gives her story of when she ran away two seasons ago. She was laughed at, and eventually had to work at a rock farm to make a living. It’s good to see a little backstory.

Power corrupts. That’s the main thing about this episode. And Twilight using the magic of friendship. (That would be a cheesy thing in any other show, but not here.) It’s a great episode all around. Trixie is a good character, and despite the ending, I’d very much like to see her again. Zecora gets a role, which is always nice. And of course Twilight is the main focus, and she uses a spell summoning a Parasprite, so there’s always that.


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  • Anders Hansen

    I agree with this article.


    Hands down this episode was good, so I can’t complain about this rating.

    Although I didn’t agree on how the episode ended, It still was very satisfying.