MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING – Whedon Makes It Something


What do you do when you have just finished the Avengers and are busy with Avengers 2 and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?  If you are Joss Whedon, you put out your take on William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  And wow; it is something!!!!  Whedon (or the giant God of Fanboydom) hit it spot on with his version of the classic play by everyone’s favorite Bard.

Whedon modernizes the old story up while still keeping the original dialog; and the smooth black and white this film was shot in makes it an instant classic.  So visually pleasing.  I have never seen such a…shiny(?) black and white; its beautiful and gives Whedon’s take some auteur credibility from the opening credits.  Films like this are tough; everyone knows the story and what to expect; Joss (like Baz Luhrmann with the modernized Romeo and Juliet) lets his visualizes and actors capture the moments that make the film.  And what a line-up of actors we have…it reads like a who’s who of previous Joss Whedon projects.


Everyone’s favorite SHIELD operative, Clark Gregg, does a wonderful turn as Leonato.  The awesome Nathan Fillion captures Dogberry perfectly.  And the beautiful and talented Amy Acker makes you feel the character Beatrice.  The funny and sexy Riki Lindhome (one half of the comedic duo of Garfunkel and Oates) does an amazing job as the bit character Conrade.  And there is more; so much more.  So take a break for a second from your normal fanboy  routine and break it up a little.  Get your fandom on for the Bard and enjoy.  Get some culture and enjoy Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing; something like this only comes around once in awhile.  In Joss I trust.

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