MPH #5 Review

Will Roscoe and the FBI manage to stop Chevy? Or will his rampage destroy more than just their friendship? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Down to the last MPH pills, the gang finds their speed powers running on empty just as the Feds close in. Will they have enough juice to make it through a final showdown? And at last, we learn what makes the mysterious Mr. Springfield so dangerous. MILLAR & FEGREDO dish up an epic finale you’ll never see coming!

MPH #5Everything must come to an end, as even the fastest criminals in the world can’t outrun their fate forever. Having been an exciting, fast paced series since day one, MPH has taken the superhero genre to a completely new level. The addition of time travel, though not new next to superspeed, has also added an extra layer of intrigue, with the mysterious disappearance of Baseball being both sudden, and captivating.

The way that writer, Mark Millar, manages to wind down events is truly amazing, with there being several fascinating developments. Keeping things at a super quick pace, Miller does a wonderful job of putting the remaining pieces of this tale together, as between the mysterious identity of Mr. Springfield, and following on from Baseball’s disappearance, there are plenty of exciting revelations. The balance between drama and action also proves thrilling, as though there are some intense moments, it’s complimented brilliantly by emotion.

Having a great script may be the key element in creating a memorable comic book series, but the quality of the art is also a defining factor. Luckily MPH has had both, with Hellboy artist, Duncan Fegredo, having done a fantastic job throughout. Between his detailed pencils, and energetic layouts, the artist has never failed to impress, with that once again being the case here. He also gives great character depth, with the facial expressions adding great tempo as well as a dramatic atmosphere. We are also once again treated to marvellous colours, with Peter Doherty and Mike Spicer delivering a vibrant overtone to this exciting finale.

MPH comes to a dramatic end, with the excitement and thrilling pace of this finale being mesmerizing from start to finish. We are also treated to some tremendous revelations, as though some fans may have guessed one or another, the reveals were still fabulous.

  • + Fantastic finale!
  • + Mesmerizing art!
  • + Thrilling revelations.
  • + Great character depth.

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