Is Miles Morales Joining The All-New X-Men?

Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli revealed the cover to All-New X-Men #32 and it features Miles Morales joining the All-New X-Men.  It pays homage to the classic Uncanny X-Men #139 cover but with Miles instead of Kitty Pryde.  But is this comic just a swerve?  Both Bendis and Pichelli swear it is the real deal!

I think Miles fits perfectly into the cover.  He is this generations Kitty– a young hero who may be unskilled but has more soul than many of the other heroes.  The same way Kitty became the heart of the X-Men- Miles has become the heart of the Ultimate U.  But how the heck is Miles, the Ultimate U’s current franchise player, going to join the 616’s X-Men?

Miles Morales all-new x-men

Could this be the Miles from the 616?  At the end of the Spider-Men crossover, it was revealed that 616 had their own Miles.  Unless the 616 Miles is identical to the Ultimate Universe’s, complete with the same costume, it is more likely this is just a brief crossover to bring attention to Miles and the Ultimate U.  There is a good possibly this will be a part of the Spider-Verse crossover that is going to bring all version of Spider-Men into one massive reality-bending crossover. Uncanny X-Men 139

No matter how much it is rumored, I refuse to believe that Marvel will ever bring Miles Morales permanently into the 616 and destroy the Ultimate U. Marvel has way too much invested in Miles, and his character is too engrained in the Ultimate U.  As cool as Miles is, he is defined by his awesome supporting cast.  Rip him from his friends, family and his reality and he would get lost in the 616.  Plus, what would we do without our monthly Ganke-isms?

I swear, Marvel just loves stirring the pot.  They use these shock value tricks to keep fan interest up.  Sales of the Ultimate U may not be making Marvel Scrooge McDuck money but their investment is in the long term.  There is a lot of money to be made on Miles in the future and Marvel knows this (especially if Sony finally gets the balls to bring Miles to the big screen).  Having Miles crossover into All-New X-Men is a great way to further expose him to new audiences.

And of course, this could all be just a big swerve, even though Bendis and Pichelli say it isn’t.  It hasn’t yet been confirmed by Marvel, but here are Bendis and Pichelli’s tweets swearing it is real… really real:

Brian Michael Bendis- “Cover to All new X-Men 32 By Sarah Pichelli this is real! have a nice weekend 🙂

Sara Pichelli- “SPECIAL PREVIEW: Black and White cover of All New X-Men #32… O_O !!!! — this is not a fake”