3 Reasons Why Michael Bay’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Will Blow Your Mind


The first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released just over a week ago and dependent on who you ask (and how old they are) this is either an amazing moment, or another of their worst fears realized.  Children cry out in joy! Most who have grown up with the cartoons and movies cringe in fear especially with a name like Michael Bay attached to it. But I a child of the 90’s, when those weapon wielding reptiles were in their prime dancing it up to Vanilla Ice, do firmly submit that this is a movie to be excited for…..reasons to follow…

Honoring their beginning…


When news of this movie was first released it was all the ravings of the nerd world that Michael Bay was butchering our beloved heroes’ story by making them aliens! Whether by the uproar caused or the entire ordeal a misunderstanding Michael Bay has confirmed that it is all about the ooze, (which is possibly alien in nature based on the company that created it but that has ALWAYS been the case.) We can even catch a glimpse of the infamous canister in the trailer. The only real possible change in cannon we can deduce at this time is from a line delivered by William Fichtner that states that “heroes are not born they’re created” so maybe at the most the Turtles are not accidents which to me seems like no big deal.

2Bad Guys Make a Movie

shredder teenage mutant ninja turtles

Iconic villains can make a movie. Undoubtedly Heath Ledger’s Joker was the best part about The Dark Knight and as….unique as the costume was William Defoe will always be Green Goblin to me. Also what about Tom Hiddleston’s rise in popularity after the Avengers? We like us some good bad guys! So when casting details for this movie started to arise I was more interested in who was going to be playing Shredder than the turtles! So how could I not have been happy that is was William Fichtner! Plus with what we have gathered from the trailer he probably used to work for T.C.R.I. (the company that created the ooze) so what we get here is a misguided villain. The kinda villain that does all these bad things for all the right reasons breeds conviction, which is what all good villains need!

3It’s Michael Bay Folks


I will admit the name Michael Bay worries me every time I see it and he gets a lot of grief for flat stories and minimal character development. But to be honest that’s not what you always NEED in a movie. Just like some people don’t need a great story for a video game, just a big enough server that they can fly a jet into a building full of their friends. I like different movies for different reasons and there are times when I want to get pulled into an amazing story or feel like I know the characters on screen. Then there are those days that I as a twenty-something year old male just want to hide in a dark theater forget about the world outside…and just watch something blow up, or enjoy someone getting the tar beaten out of them. Enter Michael Bay… When you make a movie based off another movie that was based off a TV show that was based off a comic book it’s supposed to be fun! No one expects this to win an Oscar so let’s not put it on that kind of pedestal.

I am an avid movie goer, I cannot wait to be out of California so I can stop shelling out for these insane movie ticket prices, because I do! I can’t help it! I LOVE the movies, so all I’m saying is if you’re going to pay the money to go to the movies don’t start munching on that popcorn expecting your childhood to be destroyed instead remember that you fell in love with a cartoon that had a standard conflict resolution time of about 20 min so your Shindler’s List expectation level of plot development needs to sit this one out…and have some raisinets for me.

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S#!T Talking Central

  • Jack Merrigan

    This has been one of the movies series that I have been waiting to see come back to the Silver Screen! Ever since I first saw those four heroes of the turtle variety, I was hooked. But the movies took a turn for the stupid in the third installment, and subsequently lost my interest. When they came out with the newest Anime rendition of the films, I was a little hesitant, but I enjoyed it enough to start hoping that one day the story would arise once again to capture the imaginations of all the people who loved the Ninja Turtles, and to all the “new kids on the block” who have yet to be exposed to the eloquence that is the Ninja Turtles!

  • Canonball

    I think you meant “canon”, not “cannon”.

  • Michael Weiss

    They said they were ‘keeping the Daredevil stuff’ and if that’s the case, it would be an accident and not an experiment. I doubt that they’ll do that though. It would have been Matt Murdock walking the turtles home when they all get splashed with the ooze.

  • kyleburgess

    This really comes down to bad PR management and/or ignorance. There is room for change, but change for the sake of change isn’t a good enough reason – http://www.thefeedbacksociety.com/movies/ninja-turtles-fan-to-michael-bay-quit-screwin-around/

    • Robert Wheeler

      Oh look another meaningless activist.

  • Turtle power

    Whats funny is the guy who wrote this claims to be an old school turtle fan but when he talks about the company that created the oooz he calls them t.c.r.i. when in fact the company was T.G.R.I and he also go’s and says the oooz was always assumed alien but it wasn’t it was radioactive waste and i also wanna know if he knows shredder is supposed to be a japanese man named Oroku Saki

    • http://www.sykografix.com/ Ninjatron

      You are wrong.
      In the original story, TCRI was the name of the company that made the ooze. For the “Secret of the Ooze” movie, the company was renamed TGRI, likely for legal issues. The employees of TCRI were actually aliens called the Utrom, and the ooze was a radioactive byproduct of their experiments to build a teleportation device that would take them back home.

      • Nesskid

        Awesome response to a dude who calls himself “Turtle Power” and then talks out of his ass.

        • Pfarmaco

          I’ll never forget reading an issue of Dragon magazine in the 80’s about a new RPG called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ah the memories!

      • Sammy Lane

        Radioactive waste – Radioactive byproduct is like saying Potato Patato or Tomato Tamato.It is a waste of time and is the samething since radioactive waste is a byproduct.

  • Jas

    This is more like, “How do I write a post that gets a lot of views? Easy – be a contrarian and title it accordingly.”

  • mattinacan

    this movie is going to blow, Bay has never directed or produced a good movie in his lifetime

    • Sammy Lane

      The closest movie was Armageddon just because we all laughed out loud when Ben Affleck cries out ” Harry..I LOVE YOU!”.I know I laughed and laugh everytime.The only reason that movie did so well because of AEROSIMTH’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing” was such a great song.Betcha right now your hearing it in your head?

      • Sam Green

        I think it did well because of other reasons. And watch the Rock.

    • Sam Green

      Can’t you stop long enough on the Michael Bay hate parade matty. It’s tiring most of us normal people out.

  • The Dude in the Yellow Speedo

    Michael Bay is enough for me to RENT it.

    • Sammy Lane

      Rent it??I think I’ll do 1 better and wait for the “big” syfy channel premier of Micheal Bays TMNT movie.

  • Fredderic Hansom

    lmao this reads like a rejected buzzfeed article

    3 reasons why some broke ass turtle movie is gonna suck!