I have had many high expectations in my life and have often been disappointed.  Let me be the first to say that Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD not only delivers, but exceeds all expectations.  I was blown away by the depth and feel of this soon-to-be blockbuster.  SHIELD is  like a combination between The X-Files and a campy (but not bad campy) detective show about mutants.  Joss Whedon is in the midst of making what could turn out to be his most amazing TV show ever (no offense to Firefly).  I already am excited for next week; and can’t wait to watch Episode 1 again!!

From the opening sequence SHIELD draws you in and immerses you in the Agent’s universe.  Those lovely Marvel opening credits that precede all of our favorite hero movies are present as well; those comic books flipping make this show just feel…better.  The timeline of the show is immediately established; the show takes place after the Avengers movie.  With the battle in New York serving as the impetus for the Agents’ directives.  The sultry Cobie Smulders guest-starred (reprising her role from the Avengers).  J August Richards also guest spotted; he of TV’s Angel fame and the movie The TemptationsRichards had a stellar turn as the antagonist for Episode 1.  The acting throughout this show was superb; it is easy to make a show about fantastical things seem fake, but not this time.  SHIELD delivered the goods the whole way.

Agent Coulson’s apparent demise is explained right off the bat, and a mystery surrounding his situation is established; I sense a big reveal in future episodes.  Clark Gregg doesn’t miss a beat sliding back into his role either.  He channels that same good guy, everyman quirkiness we have all come to love.  Coulson’s team is also cemented quickly.  The hot head, ‘tough guy’ – played by Brett Dalton.  The interesting English scientists, Fitz and Simmons; played by Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge, respectively.  The mysterious veteran pulled back into the field; done deftly by Ming-Na Wen.  And finally, the new recruit off the streets – the lovely Chloe Bennet, playing the mysterious Skye.  I am very excited to see how far this team goes!

By far, one of the coolest parts about the new SHIELD is the the way it just hits the ground in the Marvel Universe and doesn’t miss a beat.  Quirky comments about Ironman, name-dropping the Black Widow; and Extremis (remember Ironman 3, fans).  The technology the crew finds in the ruins of the secret test lab are described as Shi’ar; possible X-Men connection there…?  How about the mutant struggle; it is firmly determined with-in the first few minutes of the show as well as a possible long running adversary in the Rising Tide.  On the technical side the special effects are perfect; they compliment the show rather that overshadow it.  How about Lola?  My new favorite TV car – look out Knight Rider.  Everything looked ‘believable’ or maybe not cheesy; which is just as good.  Marvel’s new show also maintains a perfect balance between light-hearted  and sort of dark; a unique feel, only attainable by Joss Whedon, I think.  I can not find a single thing I did not like about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, except that I have to wait until next Tuesday to watch the next one.

I am a huge fan; all it took was one episode and I am hooked.  Two thumbs up, five stars, the whole kit and kaboodle…I ran out of cliches to describe my gushing fandom for Marvel’s latest endeavor in entertainment.  I have not been this excited for a show since HBO’s Game of Thrones.  If you missed Marvel’s Agents of SHIELDS you owe yourself a kick and then you need to watch it, twice.  Where will you be watching next week geek kingdom?

I am 32 years old and I reside in Oakmont, PA with my son.