MARVEL, I really really really want a DANCING BABY GROOT for CHRISTMAS!

Well my fellow fanboys and fangirls your dream of owning the iconic plant is finally coming true. That’s right kids the Dancing Baby Groot that we all know and love is set to hit stores this holiday season, so by all means pinch those pennies and get ready to have this on your shelf.

Since Guardians of the Galaxy arrived in theaters we’ve seen plenty of knockoffs but now here’s the official toy that many of us have been waiting for. Thanks to a a partnership between Marvel and KIDdesigns we’ll see it at local stores and big bulk chains with a charming price tag of $14.99 . And don’t worry it’s set to come with the song “I Want You Back” as performed by the Jackson 5 via a built-in speaker.


So now that you’ve seen how the House of Ideas plans to cash in what do you think? Is this something you want? Or are you going to avoid this collectible? Could it possibly be a perfect gift for that special someone in your life?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Now watch the original and, in my opinion, classically marketable scene from GOTG to properly build up some deserved hype:

SOURCE: Mashable