Marvel Studios Wins Back SPIDER-MAN Rights? You’ll Never Believe the News…

Spider-Man back at Marvel Studios? That’s what Chronicle scribe Max Landis claims. In a recent Twitter binge, the twenty-something year old wonder kid reveals that Kevin Feige’s inhouse production company won back the cinematic rights to Spidey.

spider-man at marvel studios

This news is a little difficult to swallow, especially since Sony’s been so successful in the last decade with their Wallcrawler flicks, but it’s not completely anomalous. The latest installment in the franchise The Amazing Spider-Man 2 delivered less than stellar results at the Domestic Box office (lowest in franchise history). Combine that with Sony’s broader box office difficulties, and Landis doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Now, whether or not the return of this prodigal son is a good or bad omen, is a mixed bag. I know the wider breadth of fandom has demanded Marvel Studios reclaim the rights to Spider-Man so that they can incorporate the Webslinger into their Cinematic Universe.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on Marvel Studios’ fidelity to The Avengers. The entire series is constructed with this cohesive, centralized narrative in mind, so everything works towards a common plot. Moreso than that, though, Kevin Feige and crew’s lack of premier characters has forced them to delve into their back catalogue. They would’ve naturally preferred Wolverine or Spider-Man as their leads, but the studio was compelled to search elsewhere, which has resulted in the exceptional Iron Man series and insanely relevant Captain America.

So I just don’t want Marvel Studios to lose their creative edge. It’s far easier to create films for a known franchise like Spider-Man than something new, like Guardians of the Galaxy.

spider-man avengers 2

Source: CBN