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Marvel “Spy” ROGER WARDELL Is A Big Phony!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s been a particular Twitter account (@RogerWardell) that’s been deemed the great “Marvel Leak”, supposedly displaying all of Kevin Feige and crew’s plan for the upcoming Phase 2 movies. We initially reported on this during the “Viggo Mortensen as Doctor Strange” craze when we broke that story, but we’ve yet to double dip into that wave of info because of the overwhelming aroma of “bullshit” leaking off every Tweet.

Well, our olfactory senses were proven right after a recent talk with our friends at Sunday Morning Rejects. They had a chance to talk to Mr. Wardell in their latest podcast, and when the subject of his ominous Tweets was broached, he didn’t seem to have a great answer about his source. In fact, he was downright skittish.

Check it out in the show below, Wardell enters at about the 36 minute mark.

When I asked  a member of the podcast, Caleb Hamilton, about the matter, he tactfully responded…

After listening to him and where he gets his information, I don’t think Roger is a phony. His sources, however, are another story.

Their information is highly speculative, most of it downright silly and they’ve been right less than a handful of times. Everyone said that the Skrulls/Chituari were Loki’s army and in the end they were right.

Should Wardell continue to post this information? No, because people are getting tired. It was fun for a while, but it’s getting old. But then again, people don’t have to follow Roger and they don’t have to beat him up and berate him. He’s participating in this fandom in the way that he sees fit and I respect him for that.

In laymen’s terms, Roger Wardell is a liar. A fraud. A downright no-good unreliable guy.

UPDATE:  This previous statement seems to have drawn a lot of ire from the commenters, so let me address it.  Here at UTF we strive to bring you the best fanboy news we can find.  We hunt stories down on all corners of the interwebs, and then present them to you with our own commentary.  If a story is a rumor, we’ll let you know.  We only ever scribble these rumor articles from RELIABLE sources; ones who’ve been proven (e.g. Latino Review & HitFix).

We gave Roger Wardell a fair shake when he first hinted at Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe, and ever since that story went viral, his Tweets have become increasingly ambiguous, and even when they are lucid, they’ve been frequently proven wrong.  Plainly said, he’s not a reliable source.

And let’s not mince words… Roger Wardell is only as good as his “source” (whose existence I very much doubt).  Fanboys don’t follow his Twitter account because he provides witty commentary or the cutest cat pics.  They follow him because he claims to have the “inside scoop” on Kevin Feige and the Marvel Universe.

He doesn’t.  He never did.  What Roger Wardell does possess is a very heavy knowledge of Marvel canon, a keen ear for the latest movie news, and a hand for creating elaborate Tweets.

Now, when I asked Caleb if Roger Wardell is a “phony”, he responded with a very gentlemanly e-mail.  He simply stated that he doesn’t believe Roger himself is false, but his sources are.  As you know, I’m not a gentleman.  In fact, I’m a bit of an asshole, so I’ll call it like it is… Roger Wardell is feeding everyone bogus information for a bit of attention.  He is very much a liar.  His Tweets are consistently proven wrong, yet he continues to supply info from the same mysterious “source”.  Even when he is right, which has only happened rarely and once we’ve actually been able to see the Marvel film he’s writing about, he’s only using his own fanboy knowledge to arrive at his theories.  He doesn’t have a ‘source’.  He’s just very crafty and knowledgeable about the Marvel Universe.  So all this nonsense about an “insider” is completely bogus.

We ran this article in order to inform our audience to STOP BELIEVING ROGER WARDELL.  He’s failed all the tests and isn’t reliable.

That’s my word.  What do you think of the matter? Sound off below.

BTW, one of our super secret sources, whose a friend of a friend of Kevin Feige’s second cousin said…

A strange Ryder will make his appearance in GOTG

Maybe I should start a new twitter account with some Nostradamus style Tweets, too?

Cap understands…


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  • DoigtDuPeuple

    in laymen’s terms, Roger is a liar. A fraud. A downright no-good guy.???

    Did ya read what you wrote? “After listening to him and where he gets his information, I don’t think Roger is a phony.” Doesn’t sound that in laymen’s terms he’d be a phony.. They say his sources might be another story, not him….

    But then again, people don’t have to follow Roger and they don’t have to beat him up and berate him. He’s participating in this fandom in the way that he sees fit and I respect him for that. ”

    So he’s saying that people should just lay off of him and stop following him if they’re not happy with his posts. To leave him be as he’s participating in the fandom the way he wants to. And they even respect him for it.. Quite the opposite of what you are writing.

    I don’t follow him as most people do say that 90% of what he posts is wrong. So I choose not to follow the guy, but won’t kick him for having fun a Twitter! If newspapers, sites or anyone else take is word and post it as “Actual Content” they need to re-evaluate themselves and maybe tag “National Enquirer” on their site.

    Before you say “in laymen’s term” someone meant to say the a guy is a fraud or worse, please listen to the conversation or what was written ’cause the guy still respects him for having fun on social sites.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      He very much is a fraud. I’ve updated the article with some more reasoning since there’s been more than one person who’s defended Wardell. Let me know what you think about the matter.

      • DoigtDuPeuple

        But clearly you say he’s a phony via what is being said by Hamilton, which he SAYS (and you even quote him) “…I don’t think Roger is a phony.” … So either you can’t read yourself, or you just can read in between the very unreadable lines when someone says something and make it appear as what ever you want …

        “So, you want a new car? Here’s one, a Red convertible!”
        “Sorry, what did he say?”
        “In laymen’s terms, he just said you wanted to buy a new truck and he has a blue one with a flat bed!”..

        I’m not saying he’s a fraud.. I’m not really not saying he’s not.. I’m just telling you that you make no sense at all by saying something that isn’t even said..

        Now you say you’re an a-hole (not my words), but to say he gave you “gentlemanly email” you should view it at such value to the words written.

        Oh and this “BTW, one of our super secret sources, whose a friend of a friend of Kevin Feige’s second cousin said…” is as good for me as “I have a source close to …” ….

        The guy is having fun on Twitter.. To those who follow him a simple “We don’t believe that he actually has an insider..” or a “Remember that X% of his tweets were discovered as false so…” would’ve been enough to clearly make your view on the guy without putting words into other people’s mouth (or written email such has this case).

        Tell yourself something, if more than one person defended the guy, maybe it’s not because we think the guy is the genuine deal (I don,t even follow the guy but went to see his tweets after reading this article just to see.. and I would not follow the account after reading most of it myself..), maybe it’s because you put words into other people’s mouth and that makes it even lower than having fun in the Twitterverse trying to claim your 15 min of fame by declaring false info of upcoming movies..

        I try to read articles with an objective mind, your sources aren’t 100% reliable, I don’t call you out as being a fraud as soon as one crashes. You seem to have too much of a grudge against the guy.. relax.. it’s freaking twitter for crying out loud… Seriously Jesus Christ is on twitter, heck even God… I would dare not call them frauds in case one of them is the real deal!!

        Oh and ps. You know that the movie industry potentially develop hundreds of movies, characters or script ideas that get flushed before it’s filmed or released to the public right? Maybe he has multiple sources and most of them are actually what Hamilton said.. are another story… He reports what he gets without checking the backend of the story, that’s what FOX News do all the time and they have a damn legal channel!!

        What if one day he comes out with the damn biggest scoop of all? Do you think he’ll rip you a new one for calling him a fraud?? You know, sometimes saying you have an insider which isn’t real can actually get you a real insider at one point.. Who’s gonna look bad then?? So dude.. reeeellllaaaaaaax.. not worth calling out a guy who’s just trying to have a good time on Twitter.. Say he’s unreliable, has been wrong X% of the time.. At least we won’t defend him since you won’t be attacking a simple guy…

        • Fats Mclemlich

          Thanks for the big write up. You’ve definitely got a ton of good points. I will admit, for the sake of journalism on our site, our source for this scoop retracted their initial quote, and inserted a new one (to avoid backlash perhaps). I won’t delete this article, because I’ll stand by my words, but I welcome criticism. I will stand by what I’ve said.

          And I do think he’s a big deal, since he’s generated millions of hits for sites on acccount of his rumors. So discounting him is kind of a big deal.

  • Gary Busey’s Taint

    Why is he a no-good guy? Simply because the information he gave that you so desperately wanted to be true for the site, wasn’t? Calling him “a liar. A fraud. A downright no-good guy.” is in bad taste and poor journalism, and a bit harsh/immature considering what you’re calling him that for. Especially when, in the same article, you have a perfect quote from someone that articulates the problem in a kind, thoughtful manner. And you lost my respect in the sense that you think your readers are illiterate and stupid that you had to add “in layman’s terms” post-quote, despite the quote itself being perfectly understandable.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Wardell posts ambiguous “hints” about the Marvel Universe that have yet to be proven true. He is right about 50% of the time for the information we’ve been able to verify, which is an awful percentage.

      Just because you hope his tweets are true, doesn’t change the fact that he’s misleading people. So, yes. He’s posting information that has proven to be unreliable as facts in exchange for attention.

      That’s pretty douchey.

  • EnormousGreenRageMonster

    Sounds like a ploy to get people like me to your website.. I follow Roger because it’s fun to read the stuff he writes.. You seem to be the real douchebag!

    • Roger

      So this site criticized him. What’s it to you? Roger doesn’t know you from Adam. He’s not your friend and never will be, so why are you acting like a dickhead on his behalf?

      Listen, kid. If Roger is legit, then he’ll be vindicated eventually. In the meantime, he can fight his own battles himself. Your help is really not needed, nor is it appreciated.

  • Jeffrey

    Latino Review has proven to be pretty unreliable as of late.

  • Pick a Name

    Considering Doctor Strange is confirmed this article is the joke you should be reporting on.