The DC vs. Marvel summer blockbuster showdown of 2016 has been scratched off the schedule. Warner Bros. has pushed back Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to March 25, 2016, leaving Marvel to kick off the summer movie season solo with Captain America 3. It was also confirmed to be released in 3D, though that’s to be expected with most blockbusters these days.

batman superman

Many look at this as DC backing down from Marvel, or what many headlines are saying as “blinking first,” and it totally is, but this move was a good decision by Warner Bros. If Batman V Superman had stayed in the May slot, it would have beaten Captain America 3 overall (Captain America’s cool, but he doesn’t stand a chance against the two most famous superheroes of all time). However, a significant portion of their profits would have been eaten up in the cinematic brawl. As Captain America: The Winter Soldier proved, a blockbuster movie can do well even if it’s not in the summer or winter, and considering this is Batman and Superman we’re talking about, people, both fans and regular audience goers, will flock to see them no matter what time of the year it is.


Basically, what we have here is DC studying Marvel’s strategy and utilizing it to their own advantage. It’s not anything original, but it will guarantee that they haul in the big bucks.

SOURCE: The Wrap