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Long Lost Episode of DEXTER’S LABORATORY Hits the Web

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dexters lab banner 590x193 Long Lost Episode of DEXTERS LABORATORY Hits the WebIn the glory days of Cartoon Network, a tiny halfman genius and his incredibly annoying, though strangely hot sister (it’s okay, I was 7 at the time), ruled the comedy airwaves in DEXTER’S LABORATORY. Ever since it went off the air in 2003, there’ve been rumors of a super secret, foul mouthed episode that’s been held under lock and key. Well, it’s finally found its way to the glorious interwebs, and it’s an amazing piece of sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Check it out below:

Does it measure up to the classic ones? I think it was pretty damn awesome myself (if a bit too raunchy).


Dexters Lab 2 Long Lost Episode of DEXTERS LABORATORY Hits the Web

SOURCE: reddit

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