Live Action Star Wars TV Show Casting Right Now!!

I’m totally gonna score the lead role. I know there’s never been a fat, bearded Star Wars character, but I think that’s the perfect aesthetic for a Star Wars tv show. It’d be half “The French Chef”, half “New Girl”, and half “Game of Thrones”. I know that adds up to about 150% of content, but that’s the way it’s gotta be!

But back to the main news, our friends over at Cinelinx have discovered that Disney is moving forward with production on a live action Star Wars tv show or special, and that they’re currently casting for the project and at one point, were both casting for film and tv. An industry schedule released last year indicates that this project will involve Darth Vader, but that’s all we know.

According to my source, who I can’t name, Disney’s casting auditions for Star Wars haven’t just been limited to the upcoming film, Episode VII. Rather, they were told the people holding the auditions were casting for roles in as yet unannounced television projects including “specials and mini-series”.

Hmm… I’ve no idea what this show will entail, but I hope it’ll be closer to Vikings or Game of Thrones than Agents of SHIELD. The latter, which is also a Disney run enterprise, is an absolute embarrassment. If Star Wars plans to reclaim its former glory, it needs to bypass the Whedon quirkiness that’s conquered film in recent years.

star wars episode 7 poster

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  • Christopher J. Haar

    I think this Steve L. is a complete and Utter Idiot. Joss Whedon is better than what you are claiming and I hope Karma comes and takes a bite out of your Dumbass.

  • Matt Pee

    There was a fat bearded character in A New Hope. Google “Jek Porkins”. . .

  • Indiana Jim

    Agents of Shield is fine, not an embarrassment. Stop taking entertainment so seriously.

  • AnswersOnTheT

    “I know there’s never been a fat, bearded Star Wars character”
    Have you seen Star Wars?