LE GEEK C’EST CHIC: Last Minute Christmas Ideas… For Fanboys and Girls!

It’s less than 24 hours until the big day and you still haven’t got a Christmas present for the geek in your life: at this point your options are either a) panic, b)  panic buy in the local drug store or c) don’t panic and read the following guide on how to make a geek-tastic Christmas hamper in under 24 hours…

Zombie Survival Hamper

If your recipient is into Walking Dead, Evil Dead or Dawn of the Dead, this is the gift hamper for them. Find a khaki bag or even just a holdall and pack it full of these essential items to survive a zombie apocolypse:

  • Standard survival gear that you have to hand or can easily pick up e.g. flashlight, matches, compass, penknife
  • Canned food and can opener
  • Candy (check out this awesome article for ideas on how to make zombie-survival candy wrappers)
  • Zombie or Monster energy drink
  • A copy of Shaun of the Dead, to lighten the mood before the zombies come for your brains
  • If you have access to an army surplus store add bits and pieces like an ammo belt, mess tin etc or even just a spare pair of socks and a beanie for when you’re recipient is knee-deep in zombie blood
  • A home-made voucher promising to take the recipient to upcoming zombie flick, World War Z
  • Print out some labels saying things like ‘Quarantine Zone’ and ‘Open in case of emergency’ to stick on your items and/or your bag
  • You may also want to cover the bag and/or items in bloodied handprints in which case mix some instant coffee with ketchup and brownsauce and go nuts
  • Finally, don’t forget to print out and include this step-by-step guide on how to kill a zombie! 

Superhero Super Hamper

Is your recipient more into Bruce Wayne than Bruce Campbell? Then try this superhero Super Hamper. Ideally use a briefcase or, if you’re stuck, pick up a branded kids backpack from somewhere like WalMart (US), Primark (UK) or the Disney Store and stuff it with enough disguises to make Two Face’s head spin:

  • A domino mask: if you don’t have a costume shop nearby where you can pick one up for cheap try making one out of craft foam or even paper
  • Facepaint
  • A cape (here’s a great article on how to make one out of a t-shirt)
  • Print some logos onto iron-transfer paper using the first letter of the recipient’s name (you can find the whole alphabet mocked up as Superman’s ‘S’ here)
  • A comic book or comic subscription (for digital or hard copy comics)
  • A Marvel/DC Pez or make your own superhero lollipops using this awesome template 
  • Avengers/Batman DVD or a home-made voucher promising to take the recipient to Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, both out next year

Tolkein Quest Hamper 

If hobbits are more your recipient’s thing, how about a Tolkein themed hamper? Just find a Frodo-esque satchel or a drawstring bag and stuff a few of these precious-es into it:

  • A ring: it can be plastic, paper or even the round metal bit from a keyring spraypainted gold. Tie to some leather cord for the full effect.
  • A sword. You can make one out of newspaper
  • Chocolate coins
  • The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings book, DVD or soundtrack  
  • A quill pen (glue a feather to a pen)
  • A voucher promising to take the recipient to the latest Hobbit movie or, if they’ve already seen it, the next one
  • Hobbits love eating so how about making a Lord of the Rings recipe book? Print out some Middle Earth recipes, burn the edges of the paper (with adult supervision where required), stain it with teabags, holepunch and tie together with string. Or alternatively, choose one recipe and package it up with all the ingredients it requires. 
  • A wizard hat (can be made out of card) and a bubble pipe to channel Gandalf

If you make any of these hampers, send us some pictures! And for more geeky fashion visit me on my blog, Worrier Princess, or on Twitter!

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