LE GEEK C’EST CHIC: Hollywood Costume Exhibition

Costumes are rarely the focus of a film. Despite this, every now and again, a costume will transcend the actor who wore it and the film it starred in. Sometimes, not even the whole costume, just a piece of it, like a pair of red shoes or a shiny black helmet or a brown dressing gown*. Nowhere is the power of costume more evident than at a comic convention, where hours of cutting, gluing and sewing result in the myriad of superheroes and fantasy figures intermingling on the convention floor. So it was with this reverence that I made my way through the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum’s Hollywood Costume exhibition in London, to pay homage to the iconic outfits that have made movie history. Check out some of my pictures below.

*Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, The Big Lebowski

The Daddy

Darth Vader’s outfit was based on a WWII helmet and leather biker gear.

Riding Solo

A famous outfit but only Harrison Ford could have made it look cool.

Rise Sir Knight

Christian Bale’s outfit from The Dark Knight Rises.


Spider-Man 2002 costume as worn by Tobey Maguire.

Family Time

Wednesday, Pugsley and baby Pubert’s costumes from Addams Family Values.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

Christopher Reeve’s iconic Superman outfit from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Elementary, My Dear

A steampunk Sherlock Holmes outfit as worn by Robert Downey Jr.

Killing Hour

 This yellow jumpsuit put Uma Thurman back on the map in Kill Bill.

As with any museum exhibition worth its salt, the V&A also has a great gift shop to accompany the exhibition. And as with any great museum gift shop, most of the merchandise within has nothing to do with the exhibit! But check out my favourite gift shop items below, which are essential to any dressing up box.

A Wonderful Life These red and gold star earrings would be perfect for Wonder Woman as would the Nail Rocks red and gold press-on manicure.

Earrings: £6 Nail Rocks: £7

Super Trooper Get behind Vader with this Storm Trooper helmet while the Star Wars Craft books is perfect for downtime on the Deathstar.

Stormtrooper helmet: £9 Book: £14.99

Oh LordyIf you really want to look like Gandalf put this in your pipe and smoke it. But to really test your magic, see if you can make these paper wizards and dragons come to life.

Pipe: £2.50 Paper toys: £6

The Hollywood Costume Exhibition runs at the V&A until 27th January after which it moves on to Australia and then the United States. For more on the Hollywood Costume exhibit and more geeky fashion visit me on my blog, Worrier Princess, or on Twitter!

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    I want to buy that pipe so bad!!! And the darth vader suit, but i don’t think i’ll be abel to smoke through the respirator