Lady Killer #3 Review


How do you manage to be the host of a wonderful cocktail party, convince your mother-in-law that your not a cheating whore, and be a cold blooded killer? Read on to find out more.

The hit of any party!

The pressure is on for Josie as the conflict increases between her cozy suburban home life and her work as a paid killer! No one said it’d be easy to be a wife and mother, but now she faces her toughest job yet—one where she’ll find out how cold-blooded she really is.

ldyklrn3p1Josie is a really interesting character because she is really trying to figure out how to balance her life. I will continue with saying that she wasn’t very likable with this issue. We have Josie who is hosting this wonderful party with her husband and everyone is in there being a little foolish. We see her husband’s mother trying to accuse her with being an adulterer. It is a really intense, even though the mother in law is wrong but Josie could have done more to ease her mind. It is actually pretty odd. Then we learn that Josie is going to be burned after this mission because they don’t feel that she will be okay. Then, we get a look at her latest mission and it is super sad. It does end with a cliffhanger that I wonder what will happen.

Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich have a great writing style but this issue was a miss. I wasn’t sure what they were going for but it didn’t quite work for some parts. There were some interesting moments in the issue but I couldn’t get behind the whole thing.

Joëlle Jones is a really fantastic artist. The style for this series works and has a very 50’s feel to it. You will totally enjoy.

Lady Killers #3 misses on a couple moments but is still pretty fun.

  • + A quick and exciting read
  • + Fantastic look to the comic
  • - Loses some characterization
  • - Josie isn't that great this issue

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