Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NIGHTWING

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ended with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Alright, it was a pretty f***ing huge cliffhanger, one that begs for a sequel, if we’re ever fortunate to have it grace our silver screens.

If you remember back to the denouement (SPOILER ALERT!), while ol’ Brucey is sipping a fine cup of espresso in a bizarrely ordinary Italian cafe, Gotham PD’s very own John Blake is gifted access to the Batcave.

Will he be the new Batman? Will he stalk villains in the night dressed form of our favorite flying rat? Or will he become a new persona, one familiar to all comic readers… Nightwing!

Well, here’s a look at JGL in those dapper black and blue threads. What do you think?

Gordon-Levitt isn’t exactly convinced TDKR alludes to a follow-up film, but let’s hope he’s just playing coy. Here’s a quick interview with his thoughts.




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