Joker in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN? How’d We Miss This News?

I don’t know how we missed this news, but apparently Batman vs Superman¬†cinematographer¬†Larry Fong teased the Joker from set of the superhero team up flick.¬†Tweeting an image of a playing card embed in a concrete pillar, fanboys rightfully assumed this was a nod towards the white makeup wearing villain. Which other Batman vs Superman villain could utilize a playing card as a weapon? Huh? Huh? That’s what I thought, no one! At least, no one that matters.

In any case, here’s the teaser:

joker batman vs superman

Knowing Ben Affleck’s Batman is an old, grizzled, barrel chested version of our favorite orphaned vigilante, he’ll probably have fought Joker a time or two in this new DC Cinematic Universe. A pretty refreshing notion, right? If Joker’s been around the block a time or two, then we’ll be seeing only one episode in their decades long saga, instead of Nolan and Burton’s one-and-done tales of the villain.

Remember when you first starting reading comics? That first issue? The entire universe was so complicated and daunting, but you wanted to know so much more about every tiny aspect. That’s why I love when film makers don’t bother themselves with origin flicks (like Batman Begins, The First Avenger, etc). I want to be immersed in a story, I don’t want my hand held along the familiar trail of a hero’s birth, which is all too predictable.

In other words, I’m stoked for Batfleck. He’ll have a wealth of mysterious backstories behind him and I can’t wait to dive in!


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