Jack Bauer Puts Everything At Risk In New 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Trailer

With all of our excitement towards the superhero movies coming up, it’s easy to forget that there’s one non-powered hero who’s making a grand return: Jack Bauer. Actually, the guys’s survived multiple shootings and beatings, has been revived from death twice, and has probably killed more people than Zod’s invasion did in Man of Steel (okay, not THAT much). Maybe he does have superpowers.

Regardless, Fox has released a new one-minute trailer for the miniseries 24: Live Another Day, appropriately titled “Risk.” Check it out!

We know Jack’s gone through a lot of crap in his life, but as we can see from the trailer, the years since the end of season 8 have not been particularly kind. A fugitive for the past four years, the U.S. government still considers him a traitor. However, Jack’s never been one to care what others think about him, so it’s no surprise to see him trying to stop the terrorists despite the government’s stance towards him.


As was implied in previous previews, some group is trying to assassinate President James Heller, Jack’s former boss and almost-father-in-law. The threat also involves drones, but the specifics of this plan haven’t been revealed yet. While Jack tries to stop these attacks, the CIA is out to capture Jack. Silly CIA officials, it’s going to take more than your resources  to capture one of TV’s most notorious badasses.


However, the key theme here is risk. As Chloe asks him, “You stop the attacks and all will be forgiven?” Jack knows that it won’t, but he’s willing to risk imprisonment and capture to make sure this attack doesn’t take place. That’s what makes Jack Bauer awesome: he’ll do the right thing no matter what. Well, that and he’s capable of taking out a small army by himself. I’ve mentioned he’s a badass, right?