Jack Bauer Might Go International in 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY

In a recent interview with Craveonline, Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment at Fox, suggested that with the decreased episode format of the upcoming miniseries “24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer may get the chance to possibly leave the country and travel to international locations.

This is going to be set in an international setting. They’ve got a great ideas. I love doing it this way. I have been really heartened by the amount of equity left in the show. I am stopped by fans all the time thanking me for bringing it back.

Considering that the 12 episodes would still cover a 24 hour period, it would make sense if the writers decided to skip over 4 or 5 hours and have Jack travel to a different location in that timespan. It would certainly spice up the show up considering that with the exception of Season 3’s brief trip to Mexico, Jack has only stayed in one city for the whole day. Considering how international these terror plots have been, it would make sense for Jack to track down a lead or conspirator who happens to be in another country.

Reilly also hinted that with the exception of Mary Lynn Rajskub returning as Jack’s ever-present techie Chloe O’Brian, the rest of the cast would be filled out by new characters. This I have a bit of a problem with. I understand that in the 24 universe, with the exception of Jack, Chloe and Jack’s daughter Kim, no one is safe from death. Still, while I liked several of the  new characters during the last two seasons of the show, I got irritated that many characters from the earlier seasons never made an appearance.

At the very least, this mini-series could bring back Kim and Jack’s former ally Tony Almeida. The last time we saw them, Kim was going back to Los Angeles to live with her husband and daughter, and Tony was in FBI custody after the role he played in the events of season 7. Considering that these are the only two main characters left who have been around since the beginning, let’s see where they are now.

Since Jack’s been on the run for who knows how many years, maybe he could reunite with his daughter. Maybe Tony has connections to the villains for the upcoming story and Jack finds a way to get information from him Either way, this show has other important characters besides Jack and Chloe. By all means, introduce new people for Jack to interact with, but don’t forget the others who have played important roles in 24’s past.

One thing that can say for certain is that Jack is in for another pretty crappy day. But hey, he’s Jack Bauer. He can handle it…hopefully.

SOURCE: Craveonline.com