IXth Generation #2

IXth Generation #2 Review

IXth Generation #2

Will this series continues to be the future that the Top Cow Universe needs? Or is it a concept that wears runs thin?

The official description from Top Cow:

Aphrodite IX has the Witchblade and several other Artifacts have also appeared, destroying the delicately balanced utopia. Who is wielding the Darkness and why is it so hellbent on killing all of the IXs?

IXG002_covBsocialDarkness may have fallen on Jackie Estacado in Witchblade #180, but that hasn’t stopped the artifact from growing strong in the pages of IXth Generation. Having loved the initial idea to incorporate the artifacts into the world of Aphrodite IX, I’ve been ecstatic to see just how they’ve affected the story. As between Aphrodite’s inheritance of the Witchblade and the ever looming Darkness, this fanboy has certainly been mesmerized.

The series may still be finding it’s feet, taking a little longer to do so than it’s predecessor, but that hasn’t stopped writer Matt Hawkins from creating an intriguing tale. Delivering wonderful character depth, that explores both present events, as well as the twenty-five year gap between series’, Hawkins manages to show us just how the insertion of the artifacts has changed the IXs, with Hades’ jealousy leading to some thrilling developments. The issue also closes on a high, with the final page featuring a surprise appearance that will leave fans of the Top Cow Universe speechless.

Stjepan Šejić is an artist that never fails to astound, as between Death Vigil, Ravine and Sunstone, he’s created some of the nicest looking independent comics on our stands. Despite this, the artist still finds time to work on our favourite green haired assassin, with his art over these opening two issues being nothing short of astonishing. The way that he captures the sci-fi elements that we’re used to, whilst also incorporating the fantasy elements of the Witchblade and Darkness, is truly mesmerizing, with the latter producing some of the most intense sequences in Aphrodite’s history.

IXth Generation continues to bridge the gaps between the Top Cow Universe wonderfully, with the concept of Aphrodite IX wielding the Witchblade being truly astonishing. The story also takes some gripping twists, with there being some shocking moments throughout.

  • + Guess who's back?
  • + Beautiful artwork from Stjepan Šejić.
  • + Brilliant continuation to this new series.
  • - Still taking it's time to find it’s feet.

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