Inner-City Hogwarts. ‘Nuff Said.

By now, we’re all fairly familiar with the gold gilded halls of Britain’s favorite School of Witchraft and Wizardry, but have you ever heard of the Vincent Clortho School of Magic? I’ll take that mildly enthused shrug as a subtle “No”.

Well, this inner city institution is part of America’s public education system. Filled to the brim with wand crimes, wizard on wizard violence, and pre-marital hell spawn babies, I’d say it’s got a fair share of problems. Take a tour of the grounds with the oblivious Headmaster and the mad-eyed groundskeeper.

If you’re not a fan of Key & Peele already, then I suggest you quickly f*** off to youtube and watch all of their skits. Their show is easily the best of its kind. Yeah, you heard me right SNL lovers.

Seriously, go watch their stuff! Odin commands you!


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