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For the millions of fanboys and fangirls that were holding out hope that somehow Grant Gustin would become The Flash for the DC Cinematic Universe it’s over. Because as of today Ezra Miller has been cast in the role.

Ezra Miller The Flash

I’m not going to lie this news bummed me out. For one the television iteration is only two episodes old and, like Arrow, it has me jazzed to tune in. But it’s time to move on I guess. Unless of course if they say that all the stuff happening out of theaters occurs on Earth 2, which could lead toward an interesting place where Infinity Crisis could become a thing. Though I realize that’s stretching it.

And if our dedicated readers clicked the article and thought ‘hey they could have him play Wally West to lessen the confusion between TV and Movie viewers.’ Nope. According to The Hollywoord Reporter the story for the now coming together flick will center on Barry Allen, the same Fastest Man Alive that’s featured weekly on the small screen.

Grant Gustin TV FLASH for Life

With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice on schedule for it’s 2016 release I think it’s safe to assume that in that story we’ll meet Barry, though the question remains if this will be before he got the Speed Force or after. We’ll have to wait to find out.

But what do our readers think about all this? Are you bummed out to see the TV and Movie DC cementing their separation? Do you think Ezra Miller will be a decent fit for Barry Allen?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

The Flash by FJM

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Who said that Ezra Miller will be Barry Allen? He could be Wally West, keeping two iterations of The Flash alive – one for TV and the other for Film.

    • VirgilHawkins

      Wally West is definitely black in the new 52, something they’re apparently keeping with in the Flash show. I doubt they’d change that for the film. It’s likely they’ll have Ezra play Barry, even though I feel he doesn’t look the part at all.

      Whoever DC has casting these roles needs to be fired, from Wonder Woman to Aquaman to Flash, they are just not doing well at all.

      • Guest

        I’m actually quite happy with Jason as Aquaman, though I would have preferred him as Lobo, I’m pissed with Ezra as Flash, and Gal Gadot must have had sex with Snyder to get the role. And she needs bigger tits.

        • VirgilHawkins

          ugh. really? Bigger tits is what you expect? That’s not only an insult to Wonder Woman, but to women in general. If anything she needs to put on more muscle for a role, she doesn’t look strong enough to take on a general mugger, much less Superman.

        • Illuminati Kämpfer

          It’s because they’re all Jews, that’s why he chose them. Look up Erza, Gal and Jesse.

  • Mike

    He looks like a teen Kid Flash sidekick instead of The Flash. Ezra is a good actor though, just not at all for this role sorry.