HEROES REBORN Brings Jack Coleman Back To Paint The Town In Shades Of Grey

Since it was announced in January, Heroes Reborn has been advertised as returning to the basic elements of the first season of Heroes with new characters. However, there will be at least one familiar face back for the 13-episode miniseries. Deadline has reported that Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennet, a.k.a HRG (horn-rimmed glasses), through all four seasons, will return. While NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt previously stated that “some of the familiar faces from the show are bound to drop in” on Heroes Reborn, Coleman is the only character, both new and established, that’s been announced so far.


While he did have his fair share of stupid moments, Noah Bennet was always one of the more interesting characters from the original series. Unlike Mohinder and Ando, who sold out by injecting themselves with the super-power formula, Bennett was the only major character who didn’t have any powers by the end of the series, and that was a good thing. He was sully two steps ahead of everyone else and kicking all sorts of ass. Okay, he did get tossed around a couple times, but with the assistance of the enigmatic Haitian, he was one of of The Company’s most valuable assets.


Of course, there was one phrase that described HRG to a T: “shades of grey.” Never completely good or evil, Bennett was the man who was willing whatever it took to get the job done, and this was in the pre-Game of Thrones world where morally gray characters were harder to come by. Only two things mattered: getting the job done and protecting his family, especially his daughter Claire. How he accomplished those two goals varied, but it usually a good bet that he’d end up pissing a lot of people off.


With Hayden Panettiere unlikely to reprise her role as his regenerating daughter, (which could be considered a blessing), maybe we can finally move Bennet away from the concerned dad role and back as a full-time agent. In a world where the public now knows about people with abilities, someone has to keep the order, and HRG is the man for the job!

SOURCE: Deadline