Hawkeye Might Pop By CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 For A Visit

Hawkeye may be a member of the Avengers, but compared to his superhero buddies, he hasn’t had much to do in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He cameoed in Thor and and spent much of The Avengers in a mind-controlled state, though he later proved handy as the team’s sniper. Thankfully, he’s getting more screen time in Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with a brand new wardrobe. I don’t think I’m the only one who hopes that his new jacket is eventually sold to the public. I’ve never really cared for purple, but it looks good!

From the new issue of Empire Magazine

From the new issue of Empire Magazine

However, even with this expanded screen time, it’s difficult for the guy with the bow and arrows to stand out among the likes of Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. Luckily, there may be more plans in the work for Marvel’s esteemed archer. In a recent interview with Collider, Jeremy Renner mentioned that he might have a role in 2016’s Captain America 3.

There are rumblings of Captain America 3.  I don’t know what’s going to happen there.  I’ve got to find the time, man (laughs).  I’m trying to stay home and I can’t.

Since the script is still being written, this is obviously nothing concrete. That being said, it would be wise for them to include ol’ Clint Barton in some capacity. Of all the high-profile SHIELD characters in this universe, Hawkeye probably ranks fourth, behind Nick Fury, Black Widow and Phil Coulson. Fury is better utilized as an omnipresent character in the different Marvel films, and Coulson is getting up to his own shenanigans in Agents of SHIELD. If any SHIELD character is going to get a solo film, Black Widow is the best option. Renner may be leading man material, but I don’t see Marvel giving him the movie when they already have a strong female character with an intriguing, secret history, especially considering how many fans want to see her in her own adventure.


Even if Hawkeye won’t be going at it solo, he can still be useful. Use him the same way Black Widow was used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: an important supporting character who helps Cap solve a mystery/stop the bad guys. Okay, it’s bad if he runs out of arrows, but he’s still handy in a fight. Considering that many of the announced Phase 3 films revolve around cosmic and mystic forces (with a heist thrown in to mix things up), there’s not much need for a guy who shoots arrows. Captain America 3 may be Hawkeye’s last moment to shine before Avengers 3…assuming Ultron doesn’t kill him next year.

Sorry, Renner. You may want to stay at home, but we want to see more Hawkeye!

SOURCE: ComicBookMovie.com and Collider