GWYNETH PALTROW Wants Out of the Marvel Universe

That’s right, Gwyneth “Babysitting Stark Everyday” Paltrow wants to bail on the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a paltry 4 films. What nerve!

Her reasoning? Well, the blonde bombshell simply said…

“I don’t know… I’m getting old for this s–t, you know what I mean?”

All snark aside, I think anyone can sympathize with Iron Man’s leading lady. Working for Marvel Studios, with its ridiculously long lasting contracts, has to be one exhausting gig. Paltrow was well noted for leaving the industry a few years ago to focus on her family, so she could have similar motivations now.

Though… she could be hinting at something more sinister. Maybe she doesn’t want to appear in another Avengers flick because her character dies in Iron Man 3. You know, since coming back to life is kinda impossible (stop smirking Thor!).

As much as I’d hate that plot twist, I can definitely see a return to “bachelor-hood” in Tony Stark’s future.

What do you think?  Should Gwyneth Paltrow stay? Or do you think the series could be better without her?


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  • Josh Johnson

    Put her in a suit as Rescue then blow her up. What better motivation for Tony than revenge?

  • Fangirl

    I think it would be a shame, as I like her character – and I say that as someone who tends not to warm to her as an actress – and I especially liked what Whedon did with her in the Avengers. Plus I am SO bored of the perennial batchelor stereotypical heroes, who either can’t commit necause they don’t want to put their lover in danger or they are out to revenge their death. Honestly, it would feel far more original if they actually let a superhero have a relationship: I think Stark’s relationship with Pepper makes him more human, warmer and more grown up.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Agreed. Tony is still an asshole whether he’s in a relationship or not, but I can understand if marvel wants to keep him single

  • OldSchool IronManFan

    Sad part is she brought a bit a class to the ironman genre, giving stark a relationship to keep allows for growth of the character. killing her off just creates a never ending cycle of idiocy for that character to revolve in.

  • Shojo Bakunyu

    To be blunt, I didn’t even know she was in any of the Marvel Films. She’s so forgettable that I didn’t even register her presence. I guess that should say more about her talent than anything else…

  • Riftrider

    Typically, I’m not a huge Paltrow fan, but I have to admit, I like what she brought to the roll of Pepper, and the Marvel Film Universe as a whole. She had a great on-screen chemistry with RDJ, and was good for keeping Tony in line. With that said, if her death were to lead to something resembling the “Demon in the Bottle” storyline, then kill her off, and lets see Tony have at it.

  • fan

    wow fck! thanks for the writer for not warning me on the spoiler

    • Fats Mclemlich

      my bad…. but to be fair, it’s just baseless speculation

  • Heavy-Duty

    Once she marries Happy, it’s all over anyway.

  • vangpo

    Her mom Blythe Danner was sooooooooo much hotter than Gwyneth when she was in her 20s, 30s.

  • Deborah

    I really hope Gwyneth will stay because i really like the storyline of Tony and Pepper

  • Jeffrey Shain

    You can put any actress in that role. It’s pointless. Same as Aunt May. Nobody cares.

  • Akai Koru

    Good luck finding someone with her acting chops to replace her. She is a one in a million actress, But I admit it’s a waste to have her in a film that doesn’t feature her more prominently. It’s like putting a diamond in a rhinestone necklace.

  • Dan

    thx for the spoiler u fing asshole

  • axionheroguy

    well…the thing is…pepper potts, much like jane foster is not like a cupla other more ICONIC girlfriend characters, like Lois Lane or Mary Jane Watson or even Betty Ross. so, not having her around for-like EVER is okay with me.

    sides, tony stark’s much like his dc counterpart, bruce wayne..he’s a better character as a solo fighter and not being tied down by some gurl in any serious relationship. that’s what makes the character what/who he is. he’s an independent soul. so if gwynnie wants out..let her go, man. and in her early 40’s she IS a bit old playing a super hero’s girlfriend.. THAT’s why i’m still mystified by snyder’s decision to cast Amy Adams (just a cupla years away from the big 4 0), in the upcoming first chapter of HIS superman saga. he shoulda cast someone much Rachel McAdams or Mad Men’s Jessica Pare.

    • ReyTFox

      Can’t wait until you hit forty. See how you feel about your worth, then

  • Fed_Up18

    Maybe the problem is that she has NOTHING TO DO!? Why don’t they just write her into the script, as opposed to having her stand on the sidelines like an early Doctor Who companion…?

  • Karl

    Don’t read the paragraph after the 2nd picture -.- There’s a spoiler. Now Ill have to sit through the whole movie knowing this………

  • Longhinus

    Thanks for the SPOILER ALERT, well F*** stupid fan boy page!!!

  • flic lover

    If she drops out, we demand a full frontal nude scene… We must preserve the beauty she has now, before she really is too old to be in the spank bank.