Ground Breaking Gay Star Wars Fan Flick

If there’s one demographic that’s entirely underrepresented in the world of fanboy-dom, it’s probably the LGBT community. If you think about it, there’s never been a great, popular character who’s been…well, gay. Sure, Marvel and DC have tried their chance with making characters of different persuasions, mostly in the form of young, bi-curious girls (you know, so ‘macho’ guys will read the books), but they’ve never been given a huge marketing push.

Well, a group of Spanish-speaking fanboys made a Star Wars themed flick about two lovers…who happen to be stormtroopers. They went out on a limb by making what they must’ve known would be a controversial short movie, and for that I commend them. But…aren’t Stormtroopers all clones of the same guy, Jango Fett? So wouldn’t that make these two lovers basically the same thing as identical twins? If so, then this flick might be groundbreaking for a more incestuous reason.

All joking aside, make sure you watch it and show your support to fanboys of every color, creed, and inter-stellar persuasion!

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