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Grimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood #7 Review

GFT Robyn Hood 7_C
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Does this archer strike true? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

“The Shift”

A new story arc begins! As Robyn seeks out Peter, the mysterious man seemingly linked to the Cabal, Marian crosses paths with a former ally. Even as they scramble to find more information about the mysterious, looming threat, the Cabal stays one move ahead, setting into motion a plan for a cataclysmic event they call “the Shift.”

GFT Robyn Hood 7_Variant CoverWhat makes this ongoing series so good, is the fact that the creative minds behind it happen to understand that subtle art of delivering personality on the written page. This latest entry is no different, and for that reason if you’ve never in your life bought a single issue that ties into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, then let me say this would be a welcome place to start.

Pat Shand pens the script and might I say that this title and lead character seems to be where this talent is the most at home. The way he writes Robyn Locksley, as she is now, creates a heroine that’s absolutely worth rooting for. She pushes her life forward while looking out for others and maintaining a solid wit worthy of an action star. The latest script puts her on a path where she’s going to confront a cult for a desired payday, but no worries the author makes that simple plot more interesting and no I won’t spoil the nuances of it here.

The visuals are handled by Roberta Ingranata, and as a result the entire comic pulsates with life. Each page is given smart pencil strokes that control the level of detail, without drowning the page in unnecessary subterfuge. What really draws the eye are the cast renditions that smartly connect and support the intent of the text. Add in the colors by Slamet Mujiono and we’re left with a dynamic look.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood #7 represents the type of quality entertainment that I think most fanboys and fangirls are looking for. Add it all up and this outing easily comes highly recommended.

  • + Words with wit!
  • + Robyn Hood vs. a cult.
  • + Our heroine gets a present.
  • + The visuals work with the script.

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