Ghosted #16

Ghosted #16 Review

Ghosted #16

Will Ghosted continue to shock, and amaze? Or is it starting to wane in quality? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Join us for a very special wedding, where “til death do us part” is given new meaning.

Ghosted #16Though there may be many series that overshadow Ghosted, both from Image Comics and other publishers, it somehow manages to remain one of the key additions to my pull list. The way that the series has managed to blend horror and crime, giving something new with each arc, has really astonished me, with there yet to be an issue that’s massively disappointed. This remains true here, with this bridging issue showing what Markus has in store for Jackson.

Joshua Williamson may be excelling with his newer creations, Birthright and Nailbiter, but that has never been at the cost of Ghosted. Continuing to create some of the best work to grace the pages of an Image Comics series, Williamson gives a script that is full of drama and excitement. Giving a brilliant jumping on point for new readers, this issue allows for an expansion of the great tale he has created, as though current fans will find more to marvel at, there is plenty to entice everyone. The suspense also is as gripping as ever, with Markus becoming more menacing than ever before.

Clone artist, Juan Jose Ryp, handles the artwork on this issue, and having seen the amazing work he’s produced on Clone, I knew he’d be the perfect fit for Ghosted. His detailed pencils, and bold ink’s have always fascinated me, with his dynamic layouts adding tons of energy, and excitement. Despite all this, it’s the way he handles the supernatural sign of this issue that impressed me most, with the gory detail being shockingly entertaining. In addition to this, colourist, Miroslav Mrva, gives a wonderful finish to this tale, with his bold palette adding a mixture of darkness and light that compliments Williamson’s script.

Ghosted is certainly teasing some big things, with this bridging issue allowing for a key insight into Markus’ plans. The guest art from Juan Jose Ryp is also another fabulous feature of this issue, making it all the easier to recommend.

  • + Juan Jose Ryp rocks on art!
  • + Markus has a deadly plan up his sleeve.
  • + Joshua Williamson is teasing something big.
  • + The next issue can't come soon enough!

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