George R. R. Martin Gives A Sneak Peek at THE WINDS OF WINTER

While we’re busy twiddling our thumbs until Game of Thrones season 3 premieres on HBO later this year (March 31st to be exact), George R. R. Martin has decided to ease the time with a sneak peek at his latest book THE WINDS OF WINTER. The ol’ gray beard is notorious for devastatingly long gaps between the books, which cause a fair lot of us to doubt they’ll ever be completed, but every new edition is well worth the wait. Check out the bit below:

On the morning that she left the Water Gardens, her father rose from his chair to kiss her on both cheeks. “The fate of Dorne goes with you, daughter,” he said, as he pressed the parchment into her hand. “Go swiftly, go safely, be my eyes and ears and voice… but most of all, take care.”

“I will, Father.” She did not shed a tear. Arianne Martell was a princess of Dorne, and Dornishmen did not waste water lightly. It was a near thing, though. It was not her father’s kisses nor his hoarse words that made her eyes glisten, but the effort that brought him to his feet, his legs trembling under him, his joints swollen and inflamed with gout. Standing was an act of love. Standing was an act of faith.

He believes in me. I will not fail him…

You’ll have to click through to the official blog in all of its 90’s html glory (it’s seriously a relic) to catch a full glimpse of the preview. I’ve only kept pace with the tv show, so I refuse to read too much of this, but let us know what you think. I know the ghost of Robert is probably enjoying it…



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