First Look At Grant Gustin’s FLASH Costume Revealed

If there’s one thing fans have been yelling for since hearing about the upcoming Flash pilot, it’s a look at Barry Allen’s Flash costume. Well, with production set to start next week in Vancouver, Warner Bros. has cut us a break and released the first image of Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin in the iconic costume. Check it out!


Whoa, that’s a damn good-looking costume! Unlike Arrow’s practical suit, this looks like it jumped directly out of the comics. The chin-guard is probably inspired by the New 52, and the costume designers look like they took a cue from the Captain America film costumes by eliminating the wingtips and having the lighting bolts lay flat on the mask. The red is darker than what we’ve seen in the comics and other media, but it’s still recognizable enough. They’re probably just following suit with Arrow in having muted colors on the costumes.


The Flash pilot has already stepped away from the heightened reality of Arrow by featuring a protagonist,and likely many villains, with superpowers. As a result, executive producer Geoff Johns promised that The Flash would wear his trademark costume rather than run around in “sweat suits” or anything like that. Well, promised delivered, Geoff. Well done to the costume designers! Now let’s get a full-body image soon! I want to see what the lightning insignia look like. Now I think about it, I’m way more curious about what the Reverse-Flash’s costume will look like. How do you darken yellow and not make it look ugly?


SOURCE: Comic Book Resources